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"Good Vibes, Good Tea"

Interviewing Nathaniel Pantalone, founder of Dobrá Tea

Let’s face it, the western world is still a bit confused when it comes to defining what sipping and enjoying tea looks like to Americans. When it comes to tea shops, a lot of times, especially in the southern states, the tea experience is synonymous with snooty cafes where women come dressed in gloves and large hats as if they never gave up playing dress up as little girls. Rarely, do you find a good tea shop that allows you to relax, converse, and sip good tea.

My hometown of Dallas, TX is yet to have a tea shop that meets my standards, but I found a perfect tea shop a plane flight away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Dobrá Tea. I wish it were not so far though, because I absolutely fell in love with its comfortable but elevated vibe. Quarantine has put distance between me and Dobrá Tea, but thanks to Zoom and technology I am able to bring all the good vibes of this delightful tea shop into your living room (or wherever you are at the moment).

Tap play to see the owner, Nathaniel Pantalone (Nate), explain the history behind Dobrá Tea and its name, how he got into the tea business, the intentional décor of Dobrá Tea, his tea suggestions for coffee sippers, and much more.



Nathaniel Pantalone standing in front of a tea counter in Dobrá Tea

Tea sipping bookworms, meet Nathaniel Pantalone, founder of Dobrá Tea; but you can call him Nate. I am always nervous when I do video interviews on Tea End because I am a perfectionist, of course I want the interview to go smoothly and I am always having technical problems! Thankfully, Nate is just as humble and accommodating as he is knowledgeable of good tea.

Nate, a Pittsburgh native, has a bachelor's in chemical engineering, enjoys reading a high-quality novel every now and then, and is well traveled in tea producing regions in Asia. Not only is he a former tea blogger, he is the founder and owner of Dobrá Tea, one of my favorite tea shops.



When visiting family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I decided to explore the city's tea scene which led me to Murray Avenue. There are two tea shops, one to the left and one to the right. I decided to walk into the colorful storefront on my left and never regretted it since. In fact, I loved the experience so much, that I shared my experience on the blog!

The atmosphere in Dobrá Tea was so relaxed but elevated. There was seating for any type of sipper, the lounger, the internet browser, and the conversationalist. The employees and servers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the array of different faces and ethnic groups made me feel welcomed. The tea experience was out of this world and exactly what any tea sipper is truly looking for when they enter a tea shop. I so wish that Dobrá Tea was in Dallas because I would never leave!

I took home an autumnal Darjeeling tea named Himalaya Mist and it was absolutely delicious! I sipped it to celebrate the first few days of my favorite season, autumn. It was definitely a tea worth sharing so I performed a Tea Review on Himalaya Mist Darjeeling by Dobrá Tea, you should check it out!



If you are near or traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you should stop by Dobrá Tea and tell everyone I said hey! With the smiling faces and mounds of tea choices you are sure to feel at home.

Nate's Email:

Address: 1937 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Social Media: @dobrateapgh

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