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Book Review: "My Husband" by Maud Ventura

Are you looking for a simple but well-written thriller that will still have you second-guessing how the ending will go? My Husband by Maud Ventura is your next read, then!

I decided to take a break from the self-help genre and indulge in a little fiction. It most certainly was an indulgence; the story is written with care and detail. The original publication was written in French and translated by Emma Ramadan. If you are familiar with French art, then you should be able to pick up that certain, 'je ne sais quoi', in the writing style.

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Title: My Husband

Page Count: 260

Author: Maud Ventura

Published Date: 2023

Publishing Company: HarperVia

Type: Hardcover




"The air is shimmering, the kitchen bathed in sunlight. I hear the shutters opening in the bedroom, the children on the stairs. The house awakens. My children take their bowls from the cupboard, asking me if I slept well. My husband turns on Brazilian music that pairs perfectly with the smell of toasted bread and the peaceful Sunday morning atmosphere. While I'm finishing my coffee, my husband leans toward me and whispers into my ear, "We need to find a moment to talk." Then, after a short pause, he adds, "It's important." I'm frozen, unable to say a word. It's over."

(My Husband, pg. 02)


I Love This Story Because....

  1. is SIMPLE: The French are so good at making the mundane, entertaining, and putting a sense of mystery on ordinary activity. French movies and literature are alike in these ways and this why I wish that I would have read this book originally in French. Because My Husband is written with French artistry, I almost felt like I was reading French with an American accent. It threw off the reading and slightly robbed me (without sacrificing the integrity of the story itself) of the complete experience. Sort of the same way one would feel if watching a period piece with a plot in 17th century France with an all-English cast. Off-putting.

  2. is THRILLING: Even though the book is simply written, it is so well written that in its simplicity, you still will not be able to guess its ending. Maud Ventura is an excellent writer for having accomplished this. I won't give too much away, but at the end, you will realize that there is a valuable piece of information that you went the entire book without, and yet, even though it's so important, you still felt endeared to the characters. Read it to find out!

  3. is RELATABLE: Even though the main character in the book is a bit crazy (or is she?), she is also relatable. Some of her expressions are feelings that I know I have experienced before when I was married. Perhaps the character is less unhinged and more universal than at first glance.



I am wondering right now as I'm finishing up his blog post if I need to just order the book in French and towards the end of this year, enjoy the read again. I don't usually have a habit of re-reading books, but the story is so well written, I am sort of tempted to further dissect it in its original language as a case study to make me a better writer. What do you think, should I read My Husband by Maud Ventura again? Well, read it and let me know!

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Are you familiar with the French writing style? Explain it in your own words:

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