Himalaya Mist Darjeeling | Dobrá Tea

No other tea celebrates the harvest season more than a Darjeeling harvested in the fall. After having enjoyed a visit to Dobrá Tea in Pittsburgh, PA I took home a blend made of various Darjeeling teas all harvested in my favorite season, autumn.

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THE HUE: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

Himalaya Mist Darjeeling is a black tea so it is no wonder that it is amber-like in hue. In the light, Himalaya Mist is burnt orange which is so fitting for an autumn harvested tea!

The color of Darjeeling teas isn’t always amber or dark brown. About 2 years ago, I purchased a Darjeeling Risheehat from The Cultured Cup and it brewed very similarly to a white tea! Can you imagine? A black tea that steeps like a white?

Himalaya Mist Darjeeling by Dobrá Tea in tea box


THE SCENT: Himalaya Mist Darjeeling | Dobrá Tea

Himalaya Mist Darjeeling Tea offers every single scent you would want to inhale during fall. The tea has a naturally sweet scent of yams, cinnamon, fallen leaves, and pumpkin pie. The scent of HimalayanMist escapes the tea infuser and fills the air with warm autumn aromas.

I enjoyed sipping this tea for the experience of being able to take a whiff of it each time I brought it to my lips. Just like my favorite season, Himalaya Mist Tea is grounding, reassuring, and inspiring in scent.