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Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA

America starts in Pennsylvania as the state boasts some of the most amazing national history. It is considered the state of independence where memories last a lifetime and the city of Pittsburgh isn’t just known for it’s pierogis but vaunts one of the most interesting tea communities. On a trip to spend time with my cousins, I was also able to fall upon the Dobra Teahouse, a zen’d out tea spot that you must visit if you ever find yourself in the Pittsburgh area.

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First Impressions

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | Storefront

Dobra Tea sits on the corner of Murray Ave. and Beacon St. in a predominately Jewish community. The hue of the building stands out like a serving of matcha green tea in a grey marble bowl. I was impressed by its simple charm and hospitable notions, such as the outdoor seating and umbrellas. The weekend my husband and I visited Pittsburgh so happened to be the most rain that the city had seen in a while so we opted to take our tea inside.

Overall, the grounds were very clean and well kept and the neighborhood felt very safe and social. The vibe was lax but there was also a non-forced sophistication to the area.


The Ambiance

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | One of the private sitting arrangements
Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA

When I walked into Dobra Tea I was immediately greeted by the scent of tea and herbs which was instantly relaxing. The entrance is a little tight lending an intimate ambiance. There’s a small sitting area near the check out counter upfront and then there’s plenty of seating towards the back. The place is bigger than its exterior gives off.

What I particularly liked about Dobra Tea is that the sitting areas were not arranged in ‘restaurant style’. What I mean by that is that the chairs and tables were not placed in rows across from each other. Each sitting area was grouped to create intimate seating arrangements. I really felt like I had rented my very own tea room. I so wish I had a Dobra Tea in Dallas, TX because I would literally always be there, for one, and two: I would literally always invite my friends there.

The teahouse is teaming with color! Color on the walls, in the artwork, in the fixtures and hardware as well as the rugs. The intricate rugs lend a home-like feeling to the entire place.

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA

The Tea Experience

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | gaiwan filled with oriental beauty tea leaves, a small white tea cup and a matcha bowl
Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA
Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | oriental beauty

Ok, so I got so excited about my tea experience that I didn’t even take good pictures of my teas. I gulped down my matcha before even thinking of a getting a pic! It didn’t help either that I was with my cousin and her mom and we were having really good conversation. NOTE TO SELF: When you go with people to teahouses that you intend to review, be sure to take a notepad so that you can get all the shots you want.

The tea experience at Dobra Tea was amazing though! The tea server knew exactly what he was talking about, super knowledgeable of all the teas and their steeping times. I asked for very specific teas while I was there, and he was aware of all of them. Upon arriving, we received a little bell and all we had to do was ring it to order more tea, or honey, or whatever! I’m not going to lie, I got a little carried away with the bell. Something about tea + a bell that brings the bougie out of me (lol).

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | oriental beauty tea leaves

So, what did we order? My cousin ordered matcha since I kept going on and on about how delicious it is. Her mom ordered white peony, because again, I kept going on and on about how it is my favorite tea type. I ordered matcha and oriental beauty (which was absolutely amazing) and we all ordered tea to go also. I had looked online and saw a “something-autumnal” tea and since I will be performing my “First Day of Fall” ritual soon of sipping only autumn teas on the first day of autumn, I thought this would be a perfect tea to take with me. But they were sold out, so instead I went with an autumn harvested Darjeeling blend. It is a blend of Darjeeling leaves all harvested in Autumn. I will be performing a Tea Review on this shortly so stay tuned!

My cousin and her mom took home oriental beauty…because it really was absolutely amazing.

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | Gabie's hand lifting gaiwan lid to reveal oriental beauty steeping


In Conclusion...

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | full bag of darjeeling autumn blend

Like I said, I wish I had a Dobra Tea near me as there are several locations besides Pittsburgh, PA. I really enjoyed my tea experience and the locals truly have a gem. If you live near the area or will be in Pittsburgh for whatever reason, stop by Dobra Tea! I’m sure you will just fall in love with it!

You can visit Dobra Tea located at 1937 Murray Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

For more information on Dobra Tea or their hours of operation please visit Dobra Tea Online.

Dobrá Tea | Pittsburgh, PA | Gabie standing outside storefront
Dobrá Tea | 1937 Murray Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15217

I hope you enjoyed this post under the Series called Adventures. A Series where I share my experiences while visiting tearooms and tea shops from near and far.

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What is the name of your favorite local teahouse?

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