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Date Night | Tea End.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Date Night

translation: n/a

Type: Assam (black) tea blend

Origin: Assam, India

Harvest: n/a

Caffeine: high

Steeping Suggestion: 200-212°F - 3-5 min.

Date Night is one of the very first tea blends that I curated and I'm so happy to share its fresh, floral, and flirty scent and taste with you!

Date Night is a blend of Assam black tea, rose petals, peppermint, and cocoa nibs.

In this post, you will discover the hue, scent, and sip of Date Night by Tea End. The online price is $25 (U.S.A - free shipping) and if you so happen to be in the Dallas, TX area and you are able to come to the Tea End. pop-up shop, Date Night will be only $20 (+tax).



THE HUE: Date Night | Tea End.

Date Night is a black tea blend that steeps into a deep and cloudy amber hue. The color is warm, solid, and tantalizing.

THE HUE: Date Night | Tea End.


THE SCENT: Date Night | Tea End.


Fresh, floral, and flirty


Malt, mint, chocolate, floral

THE SCENT: Date Night | Tea End.


THE SIP: Date Night | Tea End.

Steep One

Date Night without honey is malty, bitter chocolatey, and mint fresh. A perfect sip for those who love a deep and heavy morning beverage.

Steep Two


Steep Three


Date Night by Tea End. with Honey:

The sugars from the honey attach themselves to the rose and cocoa nibs making Date Night a delicious cup of tea. The honey is the final ingredient that completes the blend; instead of tasting the ingredients separately, the blend becomes one smooth sip. Add a little cream or milk and Date Night takes on a silky romance that is simply irresistible.

THE SIP: Date Night | Tea End.



Date Night | Tea End.

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DATE NIGHT TEA - $9.00 + $1.99 S&H



Learn more about how to steep Date Night Tea by Tea End.

Watch How to Brew Assam Black Tea by Let's Drink Tea


Would you add milk and honey to Date Night? Or sip it as is?

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1 Comment

Gabie, hello, friend! I don’t think I’ve ever had a date night in the 27 years I’ve been married! Ha! Maybe it’s not too late to start something new! Love the description of this tea and your pictures are always gorgeous.

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