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Steep Right or Die | Steep Times & Temps

Steep Right or Die | Steep Times & Temps

Are you steeping your tea wrong? I am sure you've asked yourself this question as you pour water heated to exactly 175°F over your loose leaf tea...or was it supposed to be 185°F?

No worries! I really don't intend to murder you like a victim in one of Alfred Hitchcock's books. I have instead created a comprehensive list of tea steeping times and temperatures. Now you can sip happily ever after...the right way... you know, without dying and all...

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Silver Needle Tea | The Spice & Tea Exchange

Organic Sencha, Green Tea | My Chai Premium Teas

Remember, steeping white and green teas too long will result in a bitter tea. You could use a timer for these more delicate teas.

Oolong | Summit Tea Company

Pure Assam Leaf Tea | Taylors of Harrogate

Don't be duped! Oolong and black teas are also time sensitive. A lot of people over-steep black teas and never really taste their full potential.

Spring 2015 Pu'erh | Misty Peak

Pu'erh, tisane (also known as herbal; usually specified as tisane if the herbal tea is used for medicinal purposes) teas are more forgiving. Steep all you want from the minimal time recommended! It depends on your taste preference and there's no such thing as over-steeping. Whew!

Serenitea, medicinal tea | Physical Graffitea
Steep Right or Die | Steep Times & Temps

Knowing proper brewing times and temperatures may seem meticulous, but once you get the hang of it you will see it makes a world of difference!

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How do you remember which times and temps to steep your tea?

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