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Cherry Green | Adagio Teas

Updated: May 8

Cherry Green

translation: n/a

Type: green blend

Origin: n/a

Harvest: n/a

Caffeine: moderate caffeine

Steeping Suggestion: 180°F - 2-3 min.

Cherry Green by Adagio Teas is a fresh and lovely green tea delight! If you want to take a breezy stroll in a ripe cherry orchard then just steep yourself a pot of this delectable tea! Don't forget to stop near the rose garden...

Cherry Green is a blend of green tea, natural cherry flavor, rose petals, and cherries.

In this post, you will discover the hue, scent, and sip of Cherry Green by Adagio Teas and I will also share a little more information regarding pricing. But, before you purchase the tea, make sure to enter in the Give-Away by answering the Give-Away Question below! The most gratitude inducing answer will win!



THE HUE: Cherry Green | Adagio Teas

Chery Green is a green tea that steeps into a deep yellow hue. The color of Cherry Green is muted and soothing.

THE HUE: Cherry Green | Adagio Teas


THE SCENT: Cherry Green | Adagio Teas


Green Jolly Rancher candy


Cherry candy; Candied rose

THE SCENT: Cherry Green | Adagio Teas


THE SIP: Cherry Green | Adagio Teas

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot and Infuser

Steep One

Cherry Green without honey is crisp, light, and airy. Imagine crisp green apples as the primary note and a cherry rose note that plays in the background lingering after each sip.

Steep Two


Steep Three


Cherry Green by Adagio Teas with Honey:

With honey, the rose and green tea notes blend together into a dull note that is hard to distinguish; this effect confuses the sip and removes the fresh and light effect of the initial sip. After the undistinguished first note passes, the cherry notes reveal themselves, sweetened by the sugars in the honey.

THE SIP: Cherry Green | Adagio Teas



Cherry Green | Adagio Teas

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