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The Wellness Tea (www.thewellnesstea.com)

Updated: May 11, 2021

The Wellness Tea

translation: n/a

Type: herbal/tisane

Origin: certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers

Harvest: n/a

Caffeine: non-caffeinated

Steeping Suggestion: boiling for at least 5 minutes

Herbal teas that promote wellness can also be called tisanes. Tisanes are very different from detox teas and teas that supposedly help you lose weight; tisanes aid the body in its natural function and promote well-being and health. The Wellness Tea is an all-in-one 100% organic herbal blend specifically designed to naturally boost your daily balance. The perfect blend packed with the essential health benefits of organic natural ingredients so that you can boost your body's balance naturally!

The ingredients in The Wellness Tea have multiple benefits including immune system support, anti-inflammatory agents, digestive support, blood sugar balance, calming agents, cleansing agents, health support, energy boost, and skin health improvement. What a tea! The Wellness Tea...



THE HUE: The Wellness Tea  | www.thewellnesstea.com

Herbal blends are fool-proof when it comes to steeping and therefore, depending how long you steep your herbal blends, this will determine just how dark the tea's hue becomes. I like to steep The Wellness Tea for 10+ minutes; I basically leave the tea bag in the hot water until I sip the last drop. This method makes The Wellness Tea come out to be a dark and deep yellow hue. I think the color is very warm and soothing.

The Wellness Tea  | www.thewellnesstea.com


THE SCENT: The Wellness Tea  | www.thewellnesstea.com


Cinnamon, chamomile, berry, hay (dormant grass), floral