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Re-do Book Review: "Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn

If you follow the internet, then you know exactly why I have decided for the first time in Tea End Blog Book Review history to re-do the Book Review of "Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn. Jaxn, the self-proclaimed relationship expert and motivational speaker, was caught in a scandal of infidelity and lies. He claimed to be a changed and respectable man while giving women advice on the type of men to avoid while simultaneously being the exact type of man that he bashed.

I am re-doing this Book Review to provide a new perspective on this book and to tell you why you should not feel ashamed, duped, or slighted for having read the book or viewed his YouTube videos.

In this article, I review "Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn. Tap play to see my honest Book Review. Be sure to also subscribe to be automatically entered to win FREE tea/books/stuff during Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!

Book Review: "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan


Title: Don't Forget Your Crown

Page Count: 192

Author: Derrick Jaxn

Published Date: 2018

Publishing Company: ---

Type: Paperback

Gabie reading "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan in her home library


(1) Monikers such as "A Man Will Act Right For The Right Woman" need to be retired. Men will act right if that is what they want to do. The capability of a woman should not be calculated by if the man she is in a relationship with behaves himself appropriately or not. Women are not responsible for their men's behavior, rather, men are responsible for their own behavior. Stop blaming women on their man's misdeeds. Where's the lie?

(2) A man who practices self-love and self improvement will want to be a better man for a woman that he loves. A woman should not have to inspire a man to take care of himself and do good for himself. This is the type of man that will not be inspired to even care for the woman that he is in a relationship with. The way a man cares for himself is the way he will care for his woman. Where's the lie?

(3) A man who truly loves a woman will care for her physical as well as her emotional needs. A man who loves a woman will not cause extreme emotional distress without remediation nor will he disregard a woman's emotional well-being. Where's the lie?

These are the three points that I shared about "Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn in my original Book Review and these three points still stand true. Just because a lying cheater so happened to say them doesn't invalidate the facts. Derrick Jaxn didn't practice what he preached but the sermon was all facts. The preacher should definitely be fired but the good word holds truth!

"Infused" by Henrietta Lovell - White Tip Silver Tea from Rare Tea Copmany



You are not stupid. You listened to Derrick Jaxn speak truth and you resonated with his words because you have had experiences in your life with particular men that made you realize that he was validating your experiences. It was nice to hear a man admit to all the nasty things that we women have experienced, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be validated. You read his book because you wanted to hear more of that truth. You believed him when he said he was a changed man because you are not a liar and you assume that people are what they say they are until proven differently. You are not stupid and your experience is NOT invalidated.

Derrick Jaxn is a liar and a manipulator and he convinced those of us who listened to him that he wasn't. But now we know the truth, and the truth will set us free.

Men who behave as Derrick Jaxn do a really good job at passing their shame to others. It seems as though he has successfully passed his shame to his wife but you do not have to allow him to pass it to you. Take your power back.

He is the one that lied. He is the one that manipulated. He is the one that deceived. He is the one that lived a life of untruth. He is the fool. He is the clown and only he should be ashamed and carry the shame.

If you haven't read the book but you want to read it, don't purchase it, instead, borrow it from a friend and use it to see the inner workings of a narcissist abuser so that when you meet one next time, you will be convinced that you don't need to waste any more time in the relationship because these types of men know exactly what they do and usually have no intention of changing.

Keep your head up, Queen. And from a tea sipping bookworm who keeps her word: Don't Forget Your Crown.

- Gabie



(1) …the book held a lot of truth and even though Derrick Jaxn wasn't practicing what he preached, he still was speaking facts from an experienced perspective. If you are going to read a book on how to avoid a murderer, would you want to read the book written by the detective or by the serial killer? Exactly.

(2) …this book really is a perspective writing that can empower women to leave emotionally abusive relationships with men who cheat. Derrick Jaxn was able to detail exactly what a cheating and lying man does to invalidate a woman. He also made it very clear what women should do to avoid these types of men. This teaches me that men like him know the abusive nature of their behavior and they know what the woman should do in response. Knowing this gives me more confidence to never tolerate any form of emotional or physical abuse.




Gabie reading "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan in her home library

Aerial photo of "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan with tea and flowers

Do not buy this book! You can borrow this book from another woman who has purchased it; I will let you borrow my copy if you would like! More discussion should be had around this gem of a writing, not to praise the narcissist abusive author, but to expose men like him and give women the power to not invalidate their experiences but own them and move forward.

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Are you still disappointed that you read this book?

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