6 Favorite Books To Celebrate Book Lovers Day

What kind of tea sipping bookworm would I be if I didn’t take the time to recognize one of the most special days in the year: Book Lovers Day! This day can be celebrated by simply reading a good story or taking a visit to your local book store or library. I wanted to celebrate this day with you by sharing 7 of my most beloved books. Perhaps at the end, you can share yours…

In this article, you will find my book selections correlating to the following categories: Most Recently Purchased, Most Loved, Most Expensive, Most Classic, Most Aged, and Most Read. Also, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered in Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!

I have only read a few pages of “Nature’s Remedies” by Jean Willoughby but I already adore the read. It is simple, well-outlined and dispells the healing power of more than 60 herbs. I have never really liked taking conventional medicine. When some people are content with popping an aspirin for a headache or minor pain, I am looking in my pantry and garden (table garden that is…I wish my thumb was green enough for a full-blown garden) for something that will care naturally for these ailments. I will most likely do a Book Review on “Nature’s Remedies” so stay tuned!

This category was very hard to fill as I love all of my books! However, if I am to be honest, there is one book that holds a special place in my heart. The writing style of this book is my preference, eloquent and witty; the author is simply exquisitely talented. The story follows a young beautiful orphaned Amber St. Clare as she makes her way up the ladder of 17th century English society while still maintaining her ever exciting and oh so interesting quest to marry the man that she could never have.

The book was later turned into a movie which, of course, did not do it justice. “Forever Amber” by Kathleen Winsor is my above all beloved book and if you have not read it then you need to get a copy and seriously…read it. Perhaps watching my honest Book Review of “Forever Amber” by Kathleen Winsor will wet your appetite…

If you are a real tea sipping bookworm I am sure that you can agree with me when I say that there is no such thing as a budget when it comes to books. Matter of a fact, budget and books should not even be in the same sentence (lol). “Tea Dictionary” by James Norwood Pratt is the priciest book that I own costing me $150.00. What is unfortunate, however, is within weeks of having this book, it fell apart! Yeah, like literally fell apart; the binding came undone.

I wanted to get it refunded or better yet, replaced, but I got distracted and allowed too much time to pass. Now, I am thinking about getting it repaired at a local book repair shop in Dallas, TX called The Book Doctor. I think it would be cool to document the entire process in a vlog so stay tuned!

A classic story is one that stands the test of time. One that can have several movie remakes and still be interesting to watch; a story that leaves you repeating passionate lines to characters (in a British accent of course) can be considered “A Classic”. “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen is such a story, honestly, just mentioning Jane Austen’s name turns anything into a classic. I purchased “Pride & Prejudice” in French as I thought it would lend a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the read…

My oldest book is actually a classic also and coincidentally the edition that I purchased is likewise in French. “Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter is such an old story and on Etsy I was able to pick up a 1945 French Edition. I don’t believe any of my other books are this old; even if I think of all the classic stories that I purchased, I have bought them all in newer editions.

What is so cute about this French edition of “Peter Rabbit” is that there is a little note in the book that reads, “pour un bébé...” (“for a baby”…). I just think this to be the cutest thing!

If I read a book, even a good book, it is enough for me to just read it once. Upon preparing for this post I realized that I own only one book that I have read more than once. In fact, I have read it so many times that I can’t even count and it isn’t solely due to the fact that it is a great book. When I was about 9 years old, I read “Afternoon of the Elves” by Janet Taylor Lisle and fell in love. Nevertheless, I realized that there was something else, another story or another point to the book that I could not capture. I read the book over and over again and still couldn’t grasp what I was looking for; I knew it was there however. So, I decided to save the book until I was older reasoning that I would 'get it' then.

Fast forward about 8 years, I decided to pick up the book to try another go and voilà! I was captivated by the story line that I read as a child and by the new discovery as a young adult. As it turned out, the author wrote the book in such a way that it would appeal to children in one manner and to adults in another. She meant for the story to have a dual story-line. How do I know? Well, because she told me in my Interview on Tea End Blog with her! The Interview is entitled, ‘Just Read It and Wait a-Lisle’.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 6 Most Books in celebration of Book Lovers Day! Please let me know what your Top 6 Most Books are too in the comments below!

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What book is your...

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3) most expensive

4) most classic

5) most aged

6) most read

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