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Sipping tea at home comes next to none, however, every now and then I find a comfortable tearoom that is fit for a perfect brunch. Recently, I had the privilege of sipping and dining at The Chocolate Angel Tearoom in Richardson, TX and I truly enjoyed the experience; from tea to Croque-Monsieur to dessert and back to tea again!

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First Impressions

The Chocolate Angel Tearoom is located in an outdoor shopping mall and may go unnoticed as it sits facing away from the main street. Since the tearoom was suite 310 amongst many others there wasn't much aesthetic on the outside. However, the suite door and patio were nicely decorated with pumpkins and greenery to reflect the season.

The Ambiance

If the entrance to The Chocolate Angel Tearoom was simple then the interior made up for it splendidly so! The decoration reminisced Classic French Country Style with rustic and lace accents. I loved the white and woody aspects with pops of earth tones.

The lighting reminded me of my bedroom as a young girl. I had decided to decorate my bedroom with a French Country theme and I had a chandelier sitting above my bed very similar to the ones seen in the tearoom.

Some of the lighting looked like pieces that would be in a Victorian log cabin. Very beautiful!

Mirrors and picture frames were strategically placed above and beside an armoire to lend an elegant and déco touch. I personally liked the sporadic placements of tea-ware and other items that were for sale. Yeah! While you sip you can shop too!

On each table laid a small vase and a posy. I love such natural touches! The floor of The Chocolate Angel Tearoom must have been a concrete with some sort of stain that, to me, resembled a freshly brewed chai.

The Tea Experience

As much as The Chocolate Angel Tearoom is set with a perfect ambiance for tea sipping, I would have to say that it is definitely more of a café than a tearoom.

The menus are quite extensive in explaining the entrées but the teas available are nowhere to be found. I had to ask the waiter for their tea options, at this point, I really thought that the waiter would show me a tea menu but instead he proceeded to tell me all the teas that they had in house which summed up to about 5 different teas. Yeah, only about 5. On the other hand, I was very happy to discover that a pot of tea is only $3.50 which makes this place perfect for brunch or a tea date with a friend that I need to catch up with.

I contented myself with a white tea (to which the name I could not remember for the life of me) and it actually turned out to be very sip-worthy. I wish The Chocolate Angel Tearoom would post their teas on their website and also place the teas on their menus for convenience. It would also be really neat if they had a wider selection.

As the waiter poured my tea, I noticed something that made me happy! The teapot was identical to one of my favorite tea pots!

The Dining Experience

As I mentioned, the entrées were well explained on the menu. Everything sounded fresh and simple but heavy enough to leave one satisfied. I ordered The Chocolate Angel "Croque Monsieur" and was thoroughly pleased. The apple butter was such a lovely addition. I noticed that The Chocolate Angel Tearoom liked to add apples in a lot of their recipes.

The desserts…there aren't any words to describe them. I was with my mom and sister so we decided to get three different types and share them. I ordered the (d) pumpkin torte, my mom decided upon the (e) white wedding cake and my sister wanted to taste the (b) chocolate cake. They were all so very delicious! I definitely must go back to try the (a) coconut and (c) Italian cream cakes.

The Peculiarities

After sipping so much tea it's only natural for a lady to have to run to the restroom. The ladies bathroom in The Chocolate Angel Tearoom was most interesting. Sheet music for piano and pop art from the 40s and 50s clad the walls. There was a shelf with floral arrangements, books and antique hats. So cute!

Inlaid in every other table, there were photographs of couples, couples with children and candid shots of families. I asked our waiter who they were and he explained that they were the families of the proprietors of The Chocolate Angel Tearoom. I thought it to be such a personal and inviting touch.

I truly enjoyed my time at The Chocolate Angel Tearoom; a perfect place to have a simple pot of tea and grab a bite to eat. I would definitely suggest The Chocolate Angel Tearoom to anyone who is visiting Dallas since this location is only about 20 minutes outside of the city.

Here's something neat: There are two locations! You can either visit The Chocolate Angel Tearoom in Richardson, TX located at 635 West Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75080 or you may visit the tearoom at their High Street Location on 800 North Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75074.

For more information on The Chocolate Angel Tearoom, afternoon tea or their hours of operation please visit

I hope you enjoyed this post under the Series called "Tea Time". A Series where I share my experiences while visiting tearooms and tea shops from near and far.

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What is your favorite local spot to grab a pot of tea?

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