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1996 Indian Black Tea | Wegdwood

NOTE: This video was previously posted on February 18, 2015 and revised on September 27, 2016. Some content in video may allude to events on or surrounding the date of the initial post.

Digging deep into my tea cabinet afforded me a familiar luxury perfect for Autumn weather. With its deep amber color and pleasant scent of cinnamon and spices, 1996 by Wedgwood is a perfect tea to sip while cuddled in a blanket with your nose in a good book.

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THE HUE: 1996 by Wedgwood

The brunets and deep hues of Autumn are flawlessly represented in 1996 by Wedgwood. Doesn’t the tea have such a profound, warm and comforting hue? 1996 reminds me that Autumn has arrived and I must enjoy it one sip at a time…



THE SCENT: 1996 by Wedgwood

1996 by Wedgwood is a black tea spiced with cinnamon and other spices. The tea tin does not dispel any of the other spices besides cinnamon so I simply played a guessing game when smelling this tea. Vanilla, cardamom and ginger perhaps were added.

The scent of 1996 by Wedgwood is simply elegant. The Camellia Sinensis is potent which lends an herbal aroma amidst an array of spices.

THE SCENT: 1996 by Wedgwood



THE SIP: 1996 by Wedgwood

Without 2 teaspoons of honey, 1996 by Wedgwood is delightfully full-bodied but smooth in taste. The spices add a kick but remain subtle in comparison to the actual taste of the tea itself.

With 2 teaspoons of honey, the tea came alive! Cinnamon plays around on the palette softened by perhaps vanilla. I loved adding almond milk to this sweetened brew.

THE SIP: 1996 by Wedgwood


THE EFFECT: 1996 by Wedgwood

What a blood-warming and comforting brew! With 2 teaspoons of honey and a little almond milk, I was able to turn this sip into an ideal morning cuppa. I really enjoyed 1996 by Wedgwood as it is a lovely welcome to my favorite season of Autumn.

THE EFFECT: 1996 by Wedgwood

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How do you like to drink your black tea?

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