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Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Autumn has long been the season of my heart and I welcome it with open arms just as much as it welcomes me and Tea End Blog. How does a season welcome me and my blog, you may ask? Well, Fall introduces itself to me in a special kind of way and Tea End Blog was conceived in the Fall 2013 making its debut in the Winter of 2014.

In this short article, I will take the opportunity to pay homage to Fall and explain why the season of Autumn is quite spectacular for myself and my precious blog.


Autumn: My Sixth Sense

August 29, 2016 I awoke to a darkened room, the sounds of my husband's REM sleep mumbles (he has very intense dreams) and a sensation in the air. Oddly, the air was chilled in a manner different than what is rendered from traditional cooling systems. I sat in my bed for a moment, wondering what could be welcoming me.

I ascertained my disposition: calm, hopeful, renewed. This was a familiar feeling, although so easily forgotten after a years' time. I smiled to myself. Autumn is that you? Certainly, she was welcoming me and I could sense her presence. Yes, the arrival of Fall in as early as August. I could feel her arrival within me.

Mysteriously, I have always had this deep connection with Autumn. I can remember specific moments as a child marked by this season. Usually happy and invigorating moments. Moments in my life when I was the most hopeful, the most grounded and the most focused. As I grew older I began to listen to this sense more readily and willingly so as to see how acknowledgement, and not just ignorant submission, would change my life. A lot of amazing things happened then; I fell in love with my best friend and even married him, all of which happened in Autumn.

Tea End Blog was also conceived in Autumn. Another love of mine. Although Tea End Blog was introduced in Winter 2014, my beloved blog was born in the Fall of 2013. I am so very happy to be connected to this beautiful and hopeful season and what is more, I am so proud that Tea End Blog's future is riding on a season full of peace, love and hope.

Hello Autumn

A New Tea Ritual

In Autumn 2015, I was introduced to Nicholas Lozito, the founder of a green pu'er tea producing company named Misty Peak Teas. Wonderfully, he and his team provides tea lovers the opportunity to taste the best green pu'er tea in the world and to either taste the season of Fall or Spring. I tasted both with delight but I'm sure you can guess which tea was my favorite...

Ever since, I have dedicated myself to sipping more of the teas I love, but more specifically, teas that are harvested in the Fall. I have had some charming experiences! This Autumn I am adding another ritual to my tea sipping journey: sip nothing but teas harvested in Fall on the first day of the season. Will you join me?

This first day of Autumn, September 22, 2016, I am sipping Autumn 2015 Harvested Green Pu'er Tea by Misty Peak Teas. This is the perfect tea to welcome in the season as the sweet pumpkin, squash, and woody flavors adequately embody Autumn. What Autumn harvested tea will you sip today?

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What season is your sixth sense?

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