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Thé-licieux! Une collaboration avec Mailody de Mailo Fait Maison

Tea inspires me to accomplish many things. Sometimes I found myself cooking in my kitchen after having sipped a delicious tea. I use it to make savory dishes and today, with the help of Mailody from Mailo Fait Maison, I am coupling tea with food to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. All of which being tea-licious!


Meet the Chef

Mailody de "Mailo Fait Maison"

Mailody from Mailo Fait Maison

"My name is Mailody and I am really into gourmet cooking. Athletic since I was little I still exercise regularly. I join my two passions in making meals that are healthy but also savory of which are integrated in my exercise routine."

-Mailody from Mailo Fait

In this article, Mailody shares with us 4 meals inspired by 4 teas. Breakfast is coupled with Paris Tea by Harney & Sons; a perfect tea for the morning! A green tea flavored with coconut is coupled with lunch. For dinner we will taste a Pu'erh from Misty Peak Teas. At last, with dessert, we will taste a naturally sweet tea named Machu Peach-U by White Clouds World Teas. All recipes can be found on the official website:

Bon Appétit...



Tea-licious! | breakfast

This recipe, concocted by Mailody, is created for those who enjoy a little salty and sweet in the morning. Our mornings are usually rushed and leave little to no time for a traditional protein breakfast. Crêpe Omelette or Sweet Omelette is a quick meal to make and lends a little savor to your morning routine.

I thought a breakfast tea would be best with this recipe, as it is a breakfast meal. Although English Breakfast may be a knee jerk reaction, I imagined that the salty sweetness of this recipe would taste better with a French Breakfast Tea. Paris by Harney & Sons is perfect! Having all the strong notes of English Breakfast, Paris adds a hint of vanilla that softens the entire brew.



Tea-licious! | lunch

While vacationing in Montreal, Mailody discovered bagels that had the taste of brioche but the texture of ordinary bagels. Upon returning home from vacation, she seized the opportunity to use her flour of choice: chickpea flour. Chickpea Flour Bagels are not made from ordinary flour, rather, they are made from the chickpea flour which makes them ideal for salty or sweet additions.

I chose a naturally sweet tea and one that cleans the palette. Green Tea with Coconut by Harney & Sons lends sweet notes but remains calm and soft. The new cleans the palette of all the condiments of lunch. I think that Green Tea with Coconut pairs very well with this recipe.



Tea-licious! | dinner

This recipe exists purely by happenstance! Mailody has always made a puree made with sweet potatoes and coconut milk, however, the addition of chickpea flour came about when one day she had to use the rest of a half opened box. With many tries, she made this delicious puree that goes oh so well with tea.

The tea in question is the best Pu’er in the western world. Green Pu’er Tea by Misty Peak Teas is perfect for diner since it has vegetable notes and the tastes of all other plants growing during Autumn in Pu’er, Yunnan (China).



Tea-licious! | dessert

If you like banana bread, then you will surely like this sweet bread! Even though she also likes banana bread, unfortunately Mailody’s Bae doesn’t like it at all when it is cooked. So, in the search for a substitute she fell upon something better: sweet potato. This bread makes for a great dessert for anyone who loves to eat cake.

A naturally sweet tea must be coupled with this cake so I chose a tea that I found during one of my vacations to Austin, TX. Machu Peach-U White Tea by White Clouds World Teas adds a peach flavor to Sweet Potato Cake.


Many Thanks...

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mailody for working with me on this project. I am extremely inspired to eat well with tea and to always think about my healthy as well.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope that our paths cross again so that tea and good food can be paired up another time.

Thank you,


Try the teas yourself!

Tea-licious! Try the teas yourself!
Tea-licious! Mailody from Mailo Fait Maison

instagram: @mail0ves

snapchat: @mailooves


Do you eat whatever you like or do you choose to eat healthy?

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