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Today I am reviewing a yellow tea that is as smooth as a green but as nutty as a white. Our good friends at Teavana created this unique tea and I am happy that I got my hands on it to share it with you! Click play to watch my honest review of Golden Dragon Yellow Tea by Teavana.


It is no wonder this tea is called yellow! The hue is a deep yellow sort of like a golden sun. I watched the hue change into a deeper yellow as it steeped. Very vibrant and exhilarating color!


Teavana described this tea as having high floral notes and this is very much accurate. I wanted to smell the tea while it was steeping and as soon as I removed the lid to my tea infuser the scent of flowers infused the air. Interestingly, when I put my nose closer to the infuser I no longer smelled the flowers but instead a very nutty scent. This tea reminds me of both green tea, which can be quite floral and white tea, which has nutty notes.


You know how I am about tea descriptions verses how the tea really tastes, smells and looks. I am disturbed when tea tastes nothing like it is described. Teavana hit the nail right on the head with this one! It is described as having high floral notes, a light body and a buttery finish. This is my exact experience with the sip.


This tea made me want to eat dessert. A really sweet dessert. You see, this tea was very clean and seemed to wash the mouth clean of any previous tastes. I think this tea would go great with some chocolate or another dessert that is really sweet. The cleanliness of the tea will wash the sugars away and the buttery finish will complement the sugars nicely.

Golden Dragon Yellow Tea by Teavana was a delight to sip! I realized that adding honey altered the taste so much that it confused the three different phases of the tea: floral-mellow-buttery. From now on, I will sip this tea without honey or sweetener.

Do you like teas with nutty notes?

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