• Gabie

"Up On The Prairie" | #OOTD

In African American lingo, the word up is often used to accentuate a position or an action. I would say something like, "She was all up in my business" or "I be up up in his DMs" (I mean, I don't be up in no one's DMs, LOL, this is just an example). You get the point. African American lingo is sometimes misunderstood as some individuals believe that it is a sign of unintelligence. My outfit of the day says otherwise though. Don't you think it's quite smart?

I call it "Up On The Prairie" as an ode to African American lingo and since the dress has poufy sleeves and a wild flower print, it reminds me of the show, The Little House On The Prairie. Check out the photos and details below of where you can purchase exact pieces or pieces just like the ones I'm wearing. Oh, and make sure you subscribe to Tea End, the blog of books, tea, and everything me!



Long Chiffon Floral Scarf in Dennim Blue by uxcell: 9.99 USD | Dylan Round Eyeglasses by Zeelool : $30.95 USD | Gold Plated Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings by Amazon Essentials: 10.00 USD | Matte Lipstick, In Love by LAC: 0.00 USD | Women's Short Sleeve Smocked Top Tiered Dress - Wild Fable by Target: 25.00 USD | Platform Velvet Green Open-toe Heels by WSKEISP: 34.99 USD


"Up On The Prairie"