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Tea & Poetry, Darling: "You So Stupid"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Good morning and how are you? I hope your Sunday is just as enchanted, sunny, and lovely as mine. The weather finally cleared up here in Dallas, TX and the sun is out with an autumn chill that makes me so happy! I have another poem for you today from my Tea & Poetry, Darling body of work; it is entitled, "You So Stupid". The proper American English translation of this title is "You Are So Stupid" but when speaking African American English, leaving out the verb is very common. This poem is a reflection, not just of the feelings related to my divorce, but also the duality in language amongst African Americans.

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"You So Stupid" is a short poem spawn from the anger related to my divorce and my ex husband's actions. One day, I was just sitting with myself and thinking of his behavior and how unnecessary it was. It was so unkind, self-destructive, and stupid. Someone can be called stupid when they know what is right, and they continue to do what is wrong. You are not ignorant, or unaware, you are conscious of the consequences that your behavior has on you and that your behavior has on others whom you claim to love, and yet, you proceed. Stupid.

The day that I wrote "You So Stupid", I was keenly aware of what made me most angry. It was simple: My ex had demanded and expected respect, kindness, submission, and other beautiful benefits of being in a loving healthy relationship all the while he was being unfaithful, unkind, and undeserving of all of his expectations. It was the entitled and selfish attitude he had shown that angered me. The poem is short and to the point because I knew exactly why I was mad and exactly what I didn't need in my life, ever again.


"You So Stupid"


You So Stupid

Pretending, Arguing, Abusing,

Using, Leaving, Deceiving


Why You So Stupid?

Wanting and Demanding Respect

All The While Showing Yourself Neglect-ful

You Don't Deserve Half of What I Give You


I Don't Need Stupid


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What feminine strengths do you think go unnoticed?

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