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10 Songs About Tea You'll Enjoy During Your Tea Time

Hardcover or Paperback? And what your preference says about you.

Did you know that playing music regularly physically alters your brain structure and that the chills you experience while listening to music are mostly caused by the brain releasing dopamine while anticipating the peak moment of a song? Music can enhance life in general and good music paired with good tea is a recipe for shear joy. I love listening to music during tea time because it ameliorates the entire experience for me, perhaps it can do the same for you.

In this post, I share a playlist of 10 songs about tea that I find to be pleasantly rhythmic and/or quirky enough for tea time. Make sure you subscribe to Tea End Blog so that you can be the first to see new and exciting posts about books, tea, and everything me.

music notes with tea cup and saucer

1. Tea In the Sahara by Sting

Sting sings about tea in the Sahara and honestly, it is somewhat of a strange obsession to put on one’s bucket list but if you really think about it, wouldn’t you want to have tea in the Sahara also before you die?

2. Pennyroyal Tea by Nirvana

Honestly, I have no idea if Pennyroyal Tea by Nirvana is even about tea, but this grunge band characterizes my childhood and takes me into my teenage bedroom when a pot of tea sat on a small tray at the foot of my bed and my music blasted from a stereo, I’m sure disturbing everyone in the house. It’s a good song to listen to while sipping a tea that has very pronounced notes, such as an Oriental Beauty.

3. Whiskey and Green Tea by Supergrass

This song is extremely energetic and takes me on a punk rock and roll ride. Try not to spill your tea as you’re rocking out to this one.

4. Suga Honey Iced Tea by Kelis

Kelis isn’t just serving milk shakes but Suga Honey Iced Tea is also on her menu. I like Kelis’ soulful voice and this song has a rhythm that will keep you vibin’ with every sip.

5. Tea and Sympathy by Jars of Clay

Slow down a little, just a little, with a rhythmic song that encourages you to trade all of your words for tea and sympathy. I’m down with that…

6. Cup of Tea by Kacey Musgraves

Being from Texas I am a sucker for a fresh country song especially when it includes one of the most popular idioms about tea. This song is my cup of tea and gives me joyful and inspiring energy.

7. When I Take My Sugar To Tea by Nat King Cole

This song transports me to a speak-easy in 1933 watching Nat King Cole serenade the audience of top hats and gloved hands. In this fantasy, I have a cup of tea in hand, of course.

8. Tea by Brendan Benson

I’m drinking tea. If it’s good enough for me, then it’s good enough for you. We can have tea for two, how do you do?” This song only lasts a little over a minute but I promise that when you’re done listening to it you’ll want to continue sipping tea, with a little bounce in your step.

9. Katie's Tea by Camille

I really think that this song out of all the songs on this playlist characterizes my obsession with my tea time. The song is in English and French and Camille somewhat frantically and dramatically expresses her love for “Lipton, Twinings, PJ tips, Tata Tea, or Tetley, Lapsung Souchang, Breakfast Tea, Darjeeling or Earl Grey…”.

10. Another Pot O' Tea by Emmylou Harris

This song begins with Harris singing the words, “put on another pot of tea…” with a folk country vibe. I’m also a sucker for folk music and I just really love the energy that this song gives me as well as the lyrics Harris chose to express herself. You will want to put on another pot of tea after hearing this song and also hit replay.

music notes with tea cup and saucer
Young beautiful smiling African American woman sipping tea with headphones

I created my playlist on iTunes so search for “Songs About Tea...(For Tea Time by Tea End Blog)” and you should find my shared playlist including all 10 songs.

Screenshot of Shared Playlist "Songs About Tea For Tea Time By Tea End Blog" on iTunes

Tea with sweater-like blanket and headphones sitting atop a laptop with tea filled tea cup

Tea cakes and cucumber sandwiches aren’t the only things pairing well with tea. Music can enhance your tea experience and put you in a good mood so next time you make yourself a pot of tea, why not put on this playlist as well? Happy Sipping!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Tea End Blog if you haven’t already! Subscribing automatically enters you to win free books, tea, and other cool stuff that I am always giving away, so don't miss out, subscribe!


Do you have a favorite song to sip to?

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