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I'm Finally Sharing All My Tea Stuff!

This type of post has been a long time coming (for which I sincerely apologize)! I am finally listening to all of your requests (for which I again…sincerely apologize) and so I am showing you all of my tea stuff. I have broken this video up into 3 categories: 1) non-essential or luxury tea items, 2) essential or must-have tea stuff, and 3) future tea stuff that I intend to obtain. I hope this video is able to help novice tea sippers decide upon the teaware they want to use as well as seasoned sippers perhaps looking for a little teaware inspo!

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Most teaware is non-essential or luxe, meaning: You don’t need it but it makes tea sipping all the more enchanting or just all-together more convenient. Some of the items that I have placed on this list may come as a shock to you, such as my Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert; after all, don’t you need a tea cup to sip tea? No, you don’t. You can sip your tea out of a mug like I do most of the time and a mug is more convenient because you can steep your tea directly in it using a stand-alone infuser.

If you are new to tea, just know that you don’t need fancy tea sets, tea spoons, tea pots or even a dainty tea cup to prepare and sip a perfect cup of tea. Tea pots, tea cups, tea sets and the like lend convenience to leisurely (like when you [never] have 3 full hours to sit and read that 500 page novel you've wanted to dig into) tea sipping or serving and make the entire experience more pleasurable in some circumstances but they aren’t essential teaware items. I promise.


Fancy-smancy Tea Cups

Fancy-smancy Tea Sets

Serving Size Tea Pots

Non-essential tea stuff: fancy tea pots, cups, and spoons



I consider my essential teaware as items that would prevent me from making a good cup of tea if I didn’t have them. For example, although I am 100% convinced that a dainty tea cup is a luxury item, I am not so oblivious to realize that you actually need something to sip your tea out of. Therefore, in my book, a tea mug is an essential item. My tea kettle is also essential because I use it every day and without it I would not have a receptacle to heat my water. And speaking of heating my water, my induction cook-top is currently a must-have because it allows me to heat my water to the perfect temperature.


Tea Kettle

Exact Heating Device

Dedicated Tea Spoon

Tea Infuser

Matcha Bowl & Whisk


Without a proper infuser, I would be reduced to only sipping bagged tea. My Hario Tea Pot and Infuser allows me to try various loose-leaf teas and also allows me to have 2-3 servings at a time of the same tea. I love my Hario Tea Pot and Infuser and swear by it! If you are looking for the perfect infusers then I recommend purchasing both the Hario Tea Pot and Infuser and the FORLIFE Stainless Folding Handler Tea Infuser with Carrying Case. The latter will allow you to steep tea directly in your tea mug. I also love my tea kettle which allows me to heat my water for easy tea prep. My induction cook-top heats the water to the perfect temperature giving me consistency in tea tasting.

If you plan to dive into the wonderful world of matcha green tea then you will also need a matcha drinking bowl and a whisk. There are other fancy matcha teaware that exists but I encourage you not to get overwhelmed by the many tea things. To prepare and drink matcha, all you need is a matcha bowl and whisk.

Recipe: Watermelon & Raspberry-Lemonade Tea | Black Tea from Cameroon, Africa



My personal tea station has been the same since the inception of Tea End Blog and I am ready to try new and more modern ways to prepare and organize my tea. Soon, I am going to organize my tea cabinet using baskets that will house 5 teas and 5 teas only of each tea type. This will prevent me from collecting teas that I won’t be able to sip. I also have my eyes set on the Breville Tea Maker which is oh so awesome! Like seriously, the tea maker is pretty much my tea kettle and my induction cook-top in one! Not to mention that it can be timed to make my perfect cup of tea before I even wake up. Yeah...amazing!

Future tea stuff: Breville Tea Maker and baskets for organization

Gabie sitting atop her tea station counter

Well, there you have it! All of my tea stuff and even my aspirations for future tea stuff! I hope you were able to be inspired by seeing my essential and non-essential tea items. If you have any questions about my tea station or tools please just let me know by commenting below.

Would you like to know more details about my Rose Confetti Tea Cup by Royal Albert, my tea kettle, my tea tray, my Hario Tea Pot and Infuser, as well as my favorite tea mug? Check out the blog post entitled, "Five Favorite Tea Ware That I Absolutely Can Not Live Without"!

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What is your most cherished tea thing?

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