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Starting My Own Apothecary

I love functional interior design and since I’ve been trying to put my novice herbalist skills to the test I’ve long wanted to create a pretty but practical space in my home for blending and storing my very own herbal remedies. Today I would like to show you the space I’ve decided to use, the apothecary table that I purchased and love, and the rough sketch of what I believe my home apothecary will look like when I have completed it.

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What Is an Apothecary?

Apothecary /əˈpäTHəˌkerē/ noun archaic: a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.

The word can also be used to describe a depository for natural medicines.

Apothecary utensils: Mortle and pestle, mason jars, essential oil bottles, etc.

Benzara Console Table - SOLD OUT

The Benzara Console Table is the table that I decided to go with to store utensils, essential oils, and other items needed for proper blending. I appreciate the aesthetic of this table: raw wood finish with wrought iron hardware. I also like how all 6 drawers are functional and feature a card holder which makes for easy organization. When debris falls on the floor under the table it will also be easy to sweep it up without having to move the table.

Dried herbs

Unfortunately (but also, fortunately; if you watched the video), this table is sold out on Amazon but I have placed a few similar-styled tables below if you’re interested in creating your own home apothecary.


Any suggestions for my apothecary?

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