How You Can Wear Costume Jewelry Despite Your Nickel Allergy

Did you know that metal allergens are very common in everyday life? Nickel being the most frequent allergen, causes significant skin reddening and itching and has robbed me for many years from accessorizing with costume jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.

Today, however, I am sharing with you a little drugstore secret that will help you accessorize without the rash.

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Do You Have A Nickel Allergy?

Immediately upon wearing costume jewelry, which almost always contains nickel, I feel an itching sensation that quickly escalates into abrasions and a rash. If you have a nickel allergy, chances are it doesn’t take long for you to recognize it either. If you’re stubborn like me and choose to not remove the irritant, then your skin will begin to blister, and small abrasions will form and continue to get worse if the irritant remains.

Honestly, no earrings are cute enough or match your outfit enough for you to look like you have leprosy at the end of the day…repeat this over and over again until you believe it

Lucky for you, I have a solution to your issue which will take the pain out of fashion...for once...

Clear Finger Nail Polish...Yep, It's That Easy!

Apply 2 coats of clear finger nail polish to the surfaces of the jewelry that will have contact with your skin. Don’t worry about painting perfectly just make sure the surface has been thoroughly covered with the clear polish.

Over time, the polish may wear off so apply more coats if needed. If your jewelry ever feels like it has too much build-up then use a little finger nail polish remover to remove the excess polish.

And voilà! You can now wear all types of jewelry again without constantly a dog...with flees.

Before this little secret, I was never able to make such dramatic fashion statements such as with these pink tasseled earrings. Now, I can wear them and I don't feel a thing!

You can wear jewelry of all shapes, just make sure you coat all surfaces that will touch your skin.

If you're into accessorizing like me and the only thing that has come in between you and your bangles is a little nickel allergy then I know you're super excited to try this fashion trick! Go to your local drug store a.s.a.p to pick up some clear finger nail polish!

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Do you or someone you know have a nickel allergy?

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