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My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

Did you know that more than $500 billion a year is spent on advertising worldwide? Such a huge investment for something that most people tend to hate, don’t you think? There’s one commercial by Harney & Sons, however, that advertises the most beloved beverage next to water and it has given me all the inspired-feels. Perhaps all advertisements should include tea

Click play to see my favorite commercial of all time thus far and check out my favorite clips below! Be sure to also subscribe to be automatically entered to win FREE tea/books/stuff during Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!


Did You Notice

0.08/1:03 - I can smell the matcha now...

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

I don’t know about you, but I could literally smell the matcha in the 0.08 clip! I didn’t even realize that Harney & Sons even had a matcha. I must try it!


0.12/1:03 - Where can I get this tea set?

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

Ok, I already looked on Harney & Sons website and I can’t find this tea set (as if I needed anymore tea pots and cups)! It has such a beautiful blue design, doesn’t it?


0.23/1:03 - Guess the tea...

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

Throughout the advertisement I played a guessing game of which tea I believed was being prepared in the clips. In the 0.23 clip, I believe this is hibiscus. Hibiscus has a drunken affect on some (myself included) but it also has amazing health benefits.


0.24/1:03 - Honey and white roses and the mysterious pink box...

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

I love honey and I love white roses and they are perfectly placed on this table! I don't sweeten my tea with sugar, instead, I use honey and white roses are actually my favorite flower. The honey jar is such a classic! I wonder what is in the pink box...


0.26/1:03 - Thé au lait...

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

I love a classic thé au lait (tea with milk), don’t you? This clip captures the beauty of black tea when cream or milk is added.


0.36/1:03 - That tea cup though...

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

Yes, they meant for us to gawk over this stunning tea cup because look how she’s holding it; not even by the handle! I love the legs on this cup and the detail is visually pleasing. She needs to be careful though because she almost spilled her green tea.


0.36/1:03 - Tea in a sparkling glass? Yes!

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

Is that hibiscus in a sparkling glass? Um…yeah! I love it! Tea doesn’t always have to be served in a tea mug or tea cup especially when it is served chilled. I have served tea in everything from fine china to a mason jar.


0.50-56/1:03 - Be 'bout that tea life..

I love how Harney & Sons portrayed tea sippers as being diverse. Anyone can sip tea. You don’t have to be British or Chinese to sip tea and you certainly don’t have to be a girl to enjoy the beauty that tea has to offer. Tea sippers are some of the most cultured and stylish people and they surround themselves with captivating décor, plants and books of course.


0.50-56/1:03 - 'This Is Tea' yes indeed...

My Favorite Clips of the Best Commercial Ever!

Yes indeed, this is exactly how tea can be enjoyed. I thank Harney & Sons for making an advertisement that actually honors tea as it is enjoyed today. This commercial depicts what a tea party looks like in our modern times and I love it! I also enjoyed the music, graphics, and simplicity of the advertisement. For my love of tea, this commercial is hands down the best I’ve seen ever.


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What clip did you like?

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