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7 Instagram Artists That Will Make You Fall In Love With Tea All Over Again

7 Instagram Tea Artists That Will Make You Fall In Love With Tea All Over Again

Art and tea are almost as quintessential of a couple as are tea and books. There’s nothing more peaceful than creating a piece of work all your own while sipping a cup of tea. What happens, however, when you dip your paint brush into your cup? Well, you just may be able to create a beauteaful masterpiece.

In this article, I share 7 low-key Instagram artists who use tea to create wondrous works of art.

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I’ve been following @yellowroseart almost since the beginning of Tea End Blog’s Instagram account creation. Sharon, the artist behind the whimsical original mixed media art is based in Germany. Her work features beautiful classic imagery of black women dressed to the nine and sometimes with a cuppa in their hands. The images featuring tea sipping so happen to be some of my favorite…for obvious reasons.

@yellowroseart exhibits paintings made of acrylic, oil pastel, graphite and ink. One of my favorite pieces right now is called “Parkside Café”, one of Sharon’s original mixed media paintings featuring a chic lady in a pink dress with a freckled tea cup in her hand.. What is more, her art is super affordable and ships worldwide!


“Make art. Make love. Make tea.” Is the motto on @bakulanayak Instagram page and she argues that these must be done strictly in that order (hum…I think I beg to differ where ‘make tea’ should come in order).

@bakulanayak does wonders with the pen and pencil and adds colors to her art that just make the soul sing. A lot of her art feature afternoon tea, tea pots and cups. I particularly like the vintage art she creates on legal paper and stationary.


Rebecca, the artist behind the beautiful oil paintings of Bexart Studio, is surprisingly a self-instructed artist. Following her heart and dreams, she starts each piece with a rough sketch. Her technique includes applying messy under-painting which initially resembles an abstract piece. The piece eventually takes on more of a realistic interpretation.

I just love how she inculcates tea ware into her images, sometimes in the most interesting positions; like on top of a rooster’s head! Speaking from personal perception, I feel that her art creates a nostalgia between Beatrix Potter and Leonid Afremov, especially if you take a look at her more abstract pieces. Her work is a bit on the pricey side of art but when you take a look at the tilted tea cups a-top a parrots head then you’ll understand why @bexartstudio creations are worth the price.


@goldteaart was founded by Dara Gold in Toronto Canada. During the day she works in cartoons and video games and by night she draws and paints with tea (and sips tea also if she knows what’s best for her).

Her strokes seem to be just as fluid as her sips making the pen and tea combination very intriguing. When showered in tea, dragons don’t seem so fierce, bears so grizzly or love so unattainable. Dara is always creating new art which can be found also on her Facebook page.


@orphangirlfineart is truly impressive as each painting is displayed on…wait for it…PH treated teabags! Erin Marie Linton (Oh! We have the same middle name!!), the artist behind Orphan Girl Fine Art, combines her love for painting and for wildlife rehabilitation to create stoic art honoring animals of all type.

Erin has a taste for tea and the amount of art she creates is a direct testament to just how much tea she sips. She explains her tea canvas making process on her website’s About page and she mentions that she enjoys using tea bags because of their muted colors and textures that seem to enhance the natural qualities of fur and feathers. I love it!


I’m sure as a fellow tea sipper that you will agree with me when I say: Sipping tea itself is an art. It seems as though wherever you set your tea cup, the backdrop changes into a scene from a fairy tale or a novel. @acuppadate captures the best tea sipping moments from tea houses around the world.

This is a really neat Instagram page to follow if you’re looking for adventure in finding new places to sip!


@vickle_pickle is another Instagram artist that merges ink with tea creating some of the most life-like portraits. It’s really interesting to see the art take on a shadow-like finish with tea and then become more defined with ink.


I hope you enjoyed these Instagram tea artists! What is more, I hope that browsing these art pieces has inspired you to sip more tea…and if you so happen to spill some of it on your paperwork, well, just make art!

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What was your last art experience?

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