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Not My Cup of Tea #2


TEA FAIL: Topaz Pu'er | The Tao of Tea


I would like to remain naïve and believe that all tea is cut from the same cloth…or tea bush…whatever. However, I have stumbled upon yet another disgusting tea and even though it pains me to talk about it I must warn others!

Click play to see my honest take on Topaz Pu’er by The Tao of Tea. If you would like to be a brave soul and sample this tea, be my guest! I want a FREE sample!*

*while supplies last

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Not My Cup Of Tea! Topaz Pu'er | The Tao of Tea

What Makes This Tea Disgusting?

Reason 1: Odd after-taste

Odd after-tastes are major no-no's when it comes to tea. There are all types of tea blends and so many notes that one could taste in tea, but tea should never leave you guessing in confusion. Topaz Pu'er by The Tao of Tea has a weird after-taste that makes the entire sip questionable and unpleasant.

Reason 2: Is it really Pu'er?

After being schooled on Pu'er by my tea friend Nicholas Lozito, founder of Misty Peak Teas, I learned enough about Pu'er to be weary of pu'ers that don't seem to fit the basic characteristics. Pu'er teas should come from Pu'er, Yunnan (China) and should be of the long leaf variety. Topaz Pu'er by The Tao of Tea does not seem to be of the long leaf variety.

Reason 3: Nothing really helped

I tried adding milk and honey to this tea. Adding milk made it sour and even more unbearable and adding honey only distracted from the unpleasant taste.


I hate to even publish this post! Who knew that someone would be so evil as to blend a tea that didn't taste good. Hopefully this article will protect you from sipping the same mistake.

Perhaps I am being a little dramatic...ok, may be a lot dramatic. You should try the tea and tell me what you think and then we can settle this once and for all. FREE samples of Topaz Pu'er by The Tao of Tea to any and all the brave souls! I want a FREE sample.*

*while supplies last

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Have you ever tasted disgusting tea? Warn us!

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