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An herbal blend with the best of both worlds! With grassy and earthy notes as well as a dull floral scent and taste, St. John's Wort Tea by Buddha's Herbs lends a true tea experience on the palette.

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A deep oatmeal hue is yielded from this brew. The color is a bit darker than most herbal blends and more placid. These characteristics do not deprive the tea from beauty. Peace and serenity is what you will feel as you stare into your tea cup after brewing St. John's Wort Tea by Buddha's Herbs.


St. John's Wort Tea is a blend of the leaf and flower so it makes sense that the scent reminds me of a freshly trimmed grassy knoll. The floral scent isn't too strong, however. The flowers are a faint aroma that is somewhat dulled by the herbal and grassy notes.


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Without 2 teaspoons of honey, St. John's Wort Tea tastes exactly the way it smells with a hint of oatmeal. I find it interesting that Chamomile Tea also has this trait.

When I added 2 teaspoons of honey, the floral notes of the tea were accentuated; which was very nice considering that they were still dulled and the less dominant of all the tea notes.

Herbal Fruit Tea Sampler by Buddha's Herbs


I felt peaceful and relaxed after sipping this tea, sort of the same way one would feel after sipping Chamomile Tea minus the drowsiness. St. John's Wort Tea is praised for its ability to provide emotional stability. I am happy that I had the privilege of experiencing this effect!

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