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Green Tea Mints | Sencha Naturals

Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals | original flavor seen in image

Freshen your breath with Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals! I found these little mints on the counter of a quaint tea and spice shop in South Carolina. These mints are organic, GMO free and vegan. Check out my honest review of these refreshing mints!


1: No Weird Ingredients

Green Tea Mints contain all organic ingredients. Organic matcha green tea, ginger extract, Moroccan mint are some of very few ingredients. Less is more!

2: Actually Green Tea Based

Sencha Naturals believes in green tea for daily wellness and has made it the heart and soul of all their creations.

3: Tastes Really Good!

You can choose from 6 different flavors for a clean minty experience that isn't overpowering; flavored with organic ingredients!

4: Re-usable Container

All packaging made by Sencha Naturals is recyclable and the company encourages and creates their packaging for repurposing.

5: Low Caffeine

Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals contain low levels of caffeine so you don't have to worry about a caffeine buzz.


1: Everyone Wants To Try More Than One!

Be prepared to share more than one! They go fast and you will definitely be the main culprit!

It is hard to find anything dissatisfying about Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals. The mints are everything an avid tea sipper could ask for to freshen her breath!

Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals | gift set; all 6 flavors

Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals

Would you like to freshen your breath with tea?

Purchase them directly from where I purchased mine,!


What is your favorite flavor of

Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals?

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