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10 Tea Books: Sharing All My Books On Tea!

5 Dec 2019


As a tea sipping bookworm, I find myself not only reading and sipping but also reading about the sip. I feel as though I am always learning about tea and happily so through the pages of many wonderful books. I thought it would be nice to share with you all of the tea books that I currently own that inspire me on my tea journey and encourage me to continue to enjoy the second most desired beverage in the world. I honestly was surprised that I only have 10 books about tea but you know, the #TBR list never stops growing!


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Jane Pettigrew's, "World of Tea", is the most recent tea book that I have purchased. Let me just say that it is one of the most beautiful tea books that I own and it is the only tea book that is considered a coffee table (or tea table) book. What a wonderful idea!


"World of Tea" by Jane Pettigrew takes the reader on an expense-free journey to tea producing regions all the while introducing popular teas from those regions. I haven't even begun one page of this book as of today but I am looking forward to slowly savoring each region, each tea, each word. At a glance, you can tell the book is well written and organized. It is no wonder that it won the "Best Tea Publication: Book, Magazine" World Tea Award of 2019!

"The Tea Book" by Sara Perry is one of three bookstore finds. While browsing the aisles of Lucky Dog Books, a local Dallas bookshop, I found this book and thought, "Well, it's a bit outdated, but it's about tea so I must purchase it." In fact, I purchased every book on tea that the bookstore had!


"The Tea Book" is a simple and fun book containing over 60 recipes for hot and iced tea as well as baked goods, desserts and savory accompaniments to tea. I haven't prepared any of the recipes in "The Tea Book" yet but when I do, I will be sure to share them with you.


"Tea-spiration" by Lu Ann Pannunzio is an inspirational read that encourages the reader, in so many ways, to continue to love and appreciate tea. In the beginning of the book, Pannunzio asks the reader to put pick out their favorite tea and put the kettle on and that is exactly what I did!


"Tea-spiration" is such a delightful read that I not only finished it over one pot of tea but I also performed a Book Review as well as a Blogview (blog interview) entitled, Sip-ly Inspired, with Lu Ann Pannunzio herself! It is also good to know that Lu Ann Pannunzio is a fellow tea blogger and has a wonderful tea blog called The Cup of Life which won "Best Tea Blog" of the World Tea Awards for 2014, 2015, and 2016!

"I Love and I Cook: Tea" by Aurélie Laglantine is a French book that was gifted to me by a friend who knows that I love all things tea. This book is a small recipe book that that boasts popular French recipes with a tea infused twist, such as mousse de crevettes au thé keemun (shrimp mousse with keemun tea) and tiramisu au thé au jasmin (tiramisu with jasmine tea). The only catch is that you must read French (or at least know how to use google translate).


Currently, I am trying to complete all the recipes in Culinary Tea by Cynthia Gold and Lisë Stern in my #CulinaryTeaChallenge, but as soon as I am finished, I will move on to the delicious recipes in "I Love and I Cook: Tea" by Aurélie Langlantine.

James Norwood Pratt's "Tea Dictionary" was one of the first tea books that I purchased when I was beginning my tea blog. I thought that it would be appropriate to catch up on my tea vocabulary. I am so glad that I purchased this practical guide to tea verbiage. "Tea Dictionary" is a book of trade terminology for cultivators, manufacturers, tasting, trading, marketing and classification.


This book is actually the most expensive tea book that I have ever purchased with a sales price of 150 USD, but honestly, the odd thing is that it is also the most cheaply made book that I have ever purchased. The binding of the book fell apart within weeks of me receiving it. Soon I will take it to a book shop to get the binding repaired.


As it turns out, Pratt became aware of the defect and offered the remaining books for half the price. It also seems as though there is a new edition available on Amazon, but I'm not 100% sure, so don't quote me on it; in this case, I'm assuming that the defective binding issue would have been resolved. None the less, the fact that the book was still selling for half price at 75 USD just lets you know how useful the information is and although I am sort of bummed that I have to spend more money to rebind it, I really don't regret that I made the purchase.

"Chai: The Spice Tea of India" by Diana Rosen is the second of three books that I found at a local bookshop here in my home town of Dallas, TX. Who doesn't love chai! My husband, who isn't a tea-head like myself, loves chai and will choose it over coffee at times.


This cute little book allows the reader to discover the rich flavors, unique traditions, and healing powers of chai as well as 22 recipes for a variety of chai spice blends that can be used in both teas and baked goods.



As I write this blog post, I am half way through reading "Tea Is For Everyone" by ManMoMedia and I have nothing but wonderful things to say. Reading this book is like sipping a most splendid pot of tea; you do it slowly so as to savor each and every sip. This tiny but extremely informative book is packed with so much knowledge on Chinese tea that it truly is a wonderful place to begin for tea novices.


"Tea Is For Everyone" by ManMoMedia makes Chinese tea accessible to everyone by tearing down language barriers and correcting Western appellations that do not coincide with Chinese descriptions. With every turn of the page you learn tea production steps, popular tea types, tea producing regions/provinces in China and much more. I love this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to begin their tea journey.

"Healing Herbal Teas" by Sarah Farr is a book that I purchased after being inspired to create my own apothecary so that I could practice blending teas myself. This book is more than just a recipe book but it's also a personal journal and guide to a better blending experience.


"Healing Herbal Teas" boasts over 101 specially formulated tea recipes for stress management, common ailments, seasonal health, and immune support; all of the good stuff! Watch my Book Review to learn more about why this book sits proudly on one of my apothecary shelves.

"The Book of Green Tea" by Diana Rosen is the last of three books that I purchased at the Lucky Dog bookshop, a local book store in Dallas, TX. I would say that I sip green tea less than all other teas because of its caffeine content (I'm super sensitive to caffeine); but boy do I love a good green tea, there's nothing like it! I enjoy cooking with green tea and making cold brews with green tea in particular so seeing this book on the shelf brought a smile to my face.


"The Book of Green Tea" by Diana Rosen is everything you ever wanted to know about green tea. This fun and informative book explains every aspect of green tea: where it grows, how it's processed, its history and lore, how to drink and cook with it, and how to use it for beauty and health purposes.



If you are on a journey to discover great tea and you're not quite sure where to begin, then why not start by tagging along with someone who has already made the trip? Henrietta Lovell takes the reader on all of her tea adventures in "Infused" and describes the teas that she discovers so vividly that you will be able to taste them through the page.


Being the self-proclaimed "Tea Lady" that she is, she doesn't just describe her teas but also offers them to anyone who wants to fill their tea cup with goodness via her website, The Rare Tea Co. I can attest that the teas are just as delicious as the reading experience, you won't be able to resist. 




Do you own any of these tea books?

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