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Potpourri | Dallas, TX

20 Jun 2019

Date Visited: 31 May 2019

Potpourri Website

Tuesday - Saturday 10 am-4 pm

Sunday & Monday Closed

(214) 941-9941

- Tea Suggestions -


Apricot Black Tea: a mild but delicately delicious blend of apricot flavors and black tea; perfect when sweetened with a little honey.


Bacon Quiche: an appetizing and beautifully made quiche with mouth watering herbs.



Need Reservation? Yes; if you want to experience tea time, you must call to reserve 24 hours in advance. You do not need reservations for regular dining.


Neighborhood Type: Suburban


Parking: Minimal; parking is located across the alley-way of Potpourri. Parking is free but probably becomes limited during peak hour. 



  • Southern Charm

  • Feigned Fancy

  • Calming/Relaxing 



  • 14 Teas (7 black, 6 green, 2 white, 4 herbal, 2 iced)

  • Teas clearly listed but not described

  • Attractive Presentation but not extraordinary or creative

  • Delicious tea served using a tea sachet



  • Southern Charm

  • Orchestrated  Elegance/ Feigned Fancy

  • Old-world 

  • Charming

  • Inducing the feelings of being at your grandma's intricately decorated house; comfortable but not relaxing



  • NONE



  • The Sipping Area: clean dining tables, chairs, and floors

  • The Dispensary Area: Checkout counter is clean and organized; waiters serve you whatever you need

  • The Bathroom: large and spacious; old and outdated; clean but cluttered



I really enjoyed the quiche that I ordered at Potpourri, a little more than I enjoyed my tea experience. I told my mom and sister about Potpourri only because I knew they'd like the food. If I were to recommend a tea experience in Dallas then I would have to reserve 24 hours in advance to experience their Afternoon Tea. As I was leaving the tea shop, I noticed the lunch hour is very busy which changed the vibe of quiet elegance to noisy cafeteria.






Do you like elegant or relaxing tea shops?

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