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Jin Kong Que (Golden Peacock) | MASTERS by Adagio

9 May 2019


Did you know that Yunnan, China is known for producing specialized black teas, such as pu’er? Adagio Teas, one of my favorite tea companies, is bringing some of these special teas to your doorstep in their new MASTERS by Adagio Teas collection of artisan teas. Today I am sharing Jin Kong Que (Golden Peacock), a fine black tea from Yunnan, China that does not disappoint!


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Golden Peacock by MASTERS by Adagio Teas is a golden yellow or burned orange hue. The color is very lively and vibrant, stimulating your sense of sight before scent and sip. I enjoy watching teas steep and discovering their color intensity. Golden Peacock becomes a dark liquor quite quickly as the steeping instructions call for only 2 to 3 minutes of steeping time.


Being that Golden Peacock is a black tea, it makes sense that its hue is intense, however, it does surprise me at how potent the color becomes within the short steep time. The liquor is visually grounding, sort of like a fall harvested tea, even though Golden Peacock was harvested in April 2019. I also appreciated the visual appeal of the dried golden leaves.





The scent of a tea can prepare you for the sip like nothing else and Golden Peacock does this very well. Upon opening the tea package I am greeted with the scent of fine caramel chocolates drizzled with honey. The aroma of Golden Peacock’s dried leaves is fresh and potent; I am convinced that this tea was harvested just a month ago!


Golden Peacock by MASTERS by Adagio Teas takes on a slightly subdued version of this scent once steeped creating a very pleasant sipping experience of scent before sip.




 Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot and Infuser


Steep Temp: 212°F

Steep Time: 1-3 min.


Without 2 teaspoons of honey, Golden Peacock by MASTERS by Adagio Teas is bitter and heavy. The tea's heaviness can be compared to the same mouth feel one would experience when sipping coffee. Cocoa notes follow the bitterness and the sip ends in a sweet yam or sweet potato note.


With 2 teaspoons of honey, Golden Peacock by MASTERS by Adagio Teas is reduced by about 10% of bitterness. The chocolate notes take a back seat and make way for a vegetal/yam note changing the tea from a dessert-like to a savory experience.


SIDE NOTE: It is common for me to prefer specialty teas without honey because they usually boast notes that are neither accentuated nor ameliorated by the sugars in honey. Golden Peacock is such a multi-note tea that I feel as though honey only confuses the sip and detracts from the overall sipping experience. When I sip Golden Peacock in the future, I will most likely not add honey.



I hope you enjoyed this Tea review on Golden Peacock by MASTERS by Adagio Teas. I truly enjoyed this sip and I am super excited for this new MASTERS by Adagio Teas collection! You can learn more about the teas provided in this collection by visiting masters-teas.com; the website has more details regarding each tea such as its origin, its artisan, and its history.


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