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Honey & Lavender Spoons | Bon Vivant


How convenient is a stirring spoon made of honey? Extremely convenient! In a shop in Dallas, TX I discovered Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons by Bon Vivant; dainty spoons made of lavender and honey. These practical and tasty spoons are such cute additions to tea time I thought I’d share them with you!


In this article, I explain what I liked and disliked about Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons by Bon Vivant. Be sure to subscribe to Tea End Blog to be automatically entered to win free tea/books/stuff during Tea End Blog Give-Aways!


What I liked...


1. Visually Appealing

During tea time, all my senses are usually engaged, and I especially love when the components of tea time are beautiful to look at. Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons are so cute and would be talk of any tea party.


2. Aromathera-tea

Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons lent a delicate lavender scent to my Assam. The scent wasn’t very potent nor overwhelming but when the tea cup was brought to my lips I was also greeted with a sweet and gentle scent of honey and lavender.


3. Delightful

Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons were pleasant to use and taste. I enjoyed watching the spoon dissolve in my warm tea and slowly tasting the intensity of the honey and lavender.


 What I did not like...


1. Not Easy To Open

Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons come loosely wrapped in an over-wrap but it’s the under-wrap that was hard to undo. It seemed impossible to get the tightly sealed under-wrapping off the Honey & Lavender Tea Spoon and I always had to use scissors to pry it off. This could be extremely inconvenient if you don’t have scissors around.


2. Odd After-taste

Lavender is actually one of my favorite scents or tastes and since it is I am really sensitive to it’s natural flavor. I can easily detect if lavender oil was used to scent something instead of just the flower’s essence or infusion. I believe that lavender oil was used in Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons by Bon Vivant because not only did it leave it’s usual aftertaste but I noticed that my tea became a little oily.


Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons by Bon Vivant come in a pack of 6 and is perfect for tea for two or three.



I found Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons by Bon Vivant in a local shop in Dallas, TX but it was hard for find them online. I found the following scented tea spoons that are very similar if not the same product just re-branded:


Honey & Lavender Tea Spoons by Bon Vivant were fun to sip with and just may end up a feature of my next tea party. I hope you enjoyed this Product Review and if you would like to see a particular tea or book product reviewed then let me know in the comments!


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