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Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea | Arbor Teas

13 Jul 2017


Tea and food pairings are just as suitable as wine and food pairings. However, green tea contains tannins, yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic substances, that lower the body’s absorption of iron and folic acid. Hence, one would do best to pair green tea with mid-afternoon reading instead of a decadent meal. Thankfully Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea by Arbor Teas is perfect in every way for story time.


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I just love how green teas can be as green as a grasshopper yet as yellow-green as a summer locust. Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea by Arbor Teas hints towards the yellow-green hue but it certainly is stunning and would look great served chilled in a clear pitcher.




Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea by Arbor Teas smells of a vegetable broth with hints of corn and strong green tea notes (camellia sinensis) towards the end of the scent.




Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot and Infuser


Without 2 teaspoons of honey, Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea by Arbor Teas tastes like a vegetable broth with playful hints toward sweet corn. The end of the sip is astringent with green tea notes and a dry mouth feel.


With 2 teaspoons of honey, Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea by Arbor Teas tastes exactly like it does without honey, only the sip is smoother and the vegetable notes couple with the sweet corn tastes to introduce the sipper to the green tea taste.






As you can see, the smile on my face tells the tale of how I feel about Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea by Arbor Teas. I would love to taste this tea chilled to escape the heat of Summer ’17.


Speaking of summer, this entire summer I am collaborating with Arbor Teas on their Summer Reading Series. Each year, Arbor Teas works with a new author who creates a story in which each chapter of the story is released each week of summer!


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