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Reading Nook Blend | Plum Deluxe

24 Mar 2017


What is the perfect reading time tea? One that calms you sufficiently to be able to focus on that good book while simultaneously invigorating you to keep turning the pages. Reading Nook Blend Black Tea by Plum Deluxe Tea Company is ideal for any story time!


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Reading Nook Blend is indeed a black tea and I am sure you know by now which word I like to use to describe black teas: Amber-y. It reminds me of a deep colored honey that I purchased not too long ago.




Reading Nook Blend is a concoction of black tea, lavender, rose petals and chamomile which give off a malty and strong but floral scent. I adore how Plum Deluxe includes ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ as two of the ingredients in Reading Nook Blend!



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Without 2 teaspoons of honey, Reading Nook Blend is malty with a heavy body. The lavender and rose petals tussle around together and the chamomile seems to be more of a calming scent that lingers after each sip.


With 2 teaspoons of honey, Reading Nook Blend’s malty-ness becomes subtle and the chamomile is finally discovered! The lavender and rose petals no longer wrestle with each other but the rose becomes dominant as the lavender skips in the background.






I see why Reading Nook Blend Black Tea by Plum Deluxe is perfect for reading time! It is calming but exciting, invigorating but soothing. I will definitely be adding Reading Nook Blend to my tea cabinet as story time never ends at our place!


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