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_64 Debian GNU/Linux 7.4 The only way to know which version of the font is actually installed is to look at the list of installed fonts. It can be found in /usr/share/fonts and it's usually easy to find the version of the font in it, although that's not always the case. The easiest way to get this list is to run the command: sudo fc-cache -f -v Once you're done with that, the font should be enabled. The easiest way to install the new font is to install its TrueType variant, for instance: sudo apt-get install font-wqy-zenhei-100 Note that you may need to install additional packages to make it work. On Debian you may want to install the libgme-3-2 package to make sure gtk-update-icon-cache works with your font. The next step is to enable the font in the system. This usually involves adding it to the fontconfig configuration file. The procedure is going to differ depending on whether you're using the fonts from the terminal or from X. If you're using the console, you can do it using the fontconfig utility (see the linked man page for more info). Just install it (sudo apt-get install fontconfig-config) and you should be able to use the command: fc-cache -f -v To configure the font, you should create a config file in /etc/fonts/conf.d/. The name of the file doesn't matter and you can use the following sample config file for reference: The name of the font is not important; what matters is that it's a valid font file. What matters is that it's a valid font. If you're using X, the configuration can be done in several ways. You can create a file ~/.fonts.conf which will get picked up by fontconfig. Alternatively, you can use the FontConfig utility. The file you need for that is /usr/share/fonts/conf.d/00-xfree86-fonts.conf. The file contains a single line with one of the following commands: These will configure X to use the font. You can copy this file and put it in ~/.fonts.conf, or you can create it on your own and just use the "fontconfig-dir" command



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