• Gabie

Update: Sharing My Therapy Sessions, the BetterHelp Platform, and Inspirational Autumn Imagery.

It's been a while since I've spoken to you about my therapy sessions and how I've been coping with my depression & anxiety and my divorce. I decided to get a therapist when I realized that my anxiety was only getting worse after coming to terms with the reality that my 10 year marriage was over. Playing clean-up to what was left of our life all alone was not easy, thankfully, most of the links between my ex and I have been erased but I am still consulting a therapist to help me to heal healthily.

I want to share my experience so far with you, session by session, and I also want to provide you my opinion of the online therapy service called BetterHelp. While reading up on my progress, check out the beautiful and peaceful Autumn inspired photos. Fall has always brought me such great inspiration to progress towards positivity.

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I think it's important that you ask yourself why before you consult a therapist. If you know what you're looking to get help with and you understand your needs then you will be able to 1) properly relay this to your therapist so that they may better assist you and 2) find an appropriate therapist to fit your needs.

I needed help with my anxiety; exacerbated by my ex-husband's betrayals and lies, my anxiety was causing panic attacks even during my sleep and lack of focus. I also needed to ensure that I would properly heal from my divorce, not allowing the pain to turn into hatred or bitterness. I wanted practical help in making sure I was functioning in a way that would favor peace in my future. I knew that I wanted to work on negative self-talk, it was time for me to change my inner voice from cut-throat to kind. I wasn't looking for spiritual direction, because I have that, I was looking for practical and clinical steps to understanding and changing my behavior and thoughts.

You see, I knew why I needed a therapist and therefore I was able to find one that would work well with me. And I did! Don't allow not knowing everything to stop you from consulting help, however, because a therapist can help you identify what you need. I would simply recommend asking yourself why before-hand and perhaps you can get a head-start and convince yourself to go ahead and get help.



I want to share with you how productive my therapy sessions have been. Below, you will see a short summary for all of the therapy sessions that I have had so far. You will be able to see that the sessions do not consist of just talking and expressing myself but of also receiving practical assistance and knowledge into my thinking, behavior, and emotions.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 @ 7:30 PM CST

This session was cut short by a mistake on my therapist's part. It was supposed to be an hour but it was accidently scheduled for only 30 minutes. I was sort of relieved because I didn't know what to expect and was so anxious. I met my therapist and really liked his energy and direct approach. I actually posted about my first experience on Instagram Live and was super excited that he had, within 30 minutes, presented a game plan to attack my anxiety.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 @ 8:00 PM CST

This session was loaded with gems! My therapist evaluated the way that I was starting and ending my day and explained to me that it is very important that my day passes like a sunrise and a sunset; bold and strong in the morning and slowly waning and winding down towards the evening. He felicitated me for my self-care morning routine, specifically my grace and gratitude journaling practice and also my habit of writing down a to-do list of the things that I would like to accomplish in the day. He reminded me to always take time to recharge and to create balance.

I was also taught the Byron Katie Method of controlling one's anxious or negative thoughts; When a negative thought develops in the mind, we should ask ourselves Is It True? If we say Yes, then we ask, Is It 100% True? Most likely, it isn't. This is when we can entertain the thought that the exact opposite will occur. My therapist also showed me The Cognitive Model Diagram (see below) which helped me to understand how anxious and negative thoughts turn into behavior helping me to notice a situation or trigger that could eventually turn into a toxic behavior.