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To All of My Future Boyfriends: I'm Going To Need Flowers, Tea & Books, Please...

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

So, this post has a random title because I was just sitting and thinking (something I've been doing a lot lately) about my future and since I'm going through a divorce, I realize that it will be drastically different from my most recent past. I am single now! And that means that a boyfriend, or two, could be in my future. It seems weird to say! But, while I'm thinking of it, I may as make my wants very clear: my future boyfriend must gift me tea, books, and flowers because I love them!

It's been a while since I've dated, but I'm assuming there's more to it than books, tea and flowers, but hey, we must start somewhere, right? LOL So speaking of flowers, tap 'play' so that I can show you 4 spots in my apartment where I like to keep fresh flowers, the type of flowers I choose for each spot and why.


Bouquet No. 1

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

The very first bouquet I want to share with you sits atop the bookshelf that divides my living room into two living spaces. This small and simple bouquet adds a pop of color and a bit of life to the stoic vibe that the bookshelf gives off. This round vase is usually filled with colorful carnations because I buy a bouquet to use a few on the dining table but the rest I put on the bookshelf. So, you can say that this flower spot wasn't really intentional but rather a solution to finding a home for the remaining carnations not used on the dining table.

I am sure that soon I will need to find a new home for this small bouquet considering that my book addiction is still alive and well. LOL This week, I ordered two new books!

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

Bouquet No. 2

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

On the other side of the bookshelf, I have created a small reading nook where a black velvet English style chaise sits. The space, although small, is so cozy for reading and the lighting creates a romantic vibe. Noting says romance more than red roses, so in this spot, on my tea tray, I try to place dark colored roses in the same simple round vase like the one that sit atop the bookshelf.

The red roses are stunning up against the black velvet and the hot pink wall behind the chaise and they make the pink in my tea tray stand out much more. This bouquet can be seen when I am sitting on my settee in my bedroom and I find myself glancing at the beautiful pansies while in creative or deep thought. Flowers are so inspirational!

When I lay on my chaise and I want my legs to stretch the full length of it, then I take the I slide the tray under the chaise and place the flowers at eye level on the bookshelf so that I can still see its beauty.

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

Bouquet #3

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

One would think that Green Hot Cinnamon Spice tea would be too spicy to sip, after all, it contains cinnamon and cloves, two very potent spices. The bouquet of flowers in my bedroom is actually comprised of 3 small lilac vases that I purchased at World Market. My bedroom is decorated with neutral colors such as white, cream, tan, and black. The only colors in my bedroom is natural green (from the plants) and lilac. Purple is my favorite color so I decided to go with a softer version of the royal hue to add a little excitement in my bedroom without going crazy with color like I did in the living room.

Since my bedroom colors are subdued, I wanted the flower choices to reflect this mood, so, I decided to go with neutral floras: baby's breath and eucalyptus. The vases add the needed color while the floral choices go perfectly with the soft and neutral aesthetic of my bedroom.

Green Hot Cinnamon Spice is so sweet that I was convinced that adding honey would be over-kill. Surprisingly, the honey did not alter the sweetness of the tea but lent to a smooth and silky feel with each sip. Every now and then I may get white daisies from a friend (just a girlfriend...LOL) or I may treat myself to my favorite flower, which is the white rose, and then I will place them in a glass vase on a round wood table that sits as a writing desk in front of a settee. I've been sharing a lot of these bouquets on Instagram so the examples below probably look familiar.


Bouquet #4

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

The last spot where I keep fresh flowers in my apartment is the most dramatic of them all, and I have to say that it is my favorite bouquet in my apartment. On my dining table sits a clear round vase filled with a flower mix that resembles wild flowers, a tall green vases that usually holds a bright yellow flora of some sort with one colorful carnation, and a yellow textured vase that adds a pop of color and is usually filled with some sort of greenery or small bud flora. I like to lay 3 artificial yellow poppies on the table and some fresh eucalyptus, usually left over from the excess from the bedroom.

I was really going with a wild bohemian vibe after haphazardly discovering the look. When I moved into my apartment, my intention was to use a blue and white vase in the center of the table, but one day I had unpacked all of my vases and ended up placing them on the table and realizing that I liked the way they looked all together. So I arranged them and flanked them with the two blue and white candle holders with black candles and created a flower arrangement that takes my breath away every time I walk by my dining room. The bright colors are just stunning against the black table and walls!

Tea Reviews: Green Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

I tend to post a lot of Instagram stories about my flower arrangements. The one below was posted on June 24 but you see that I stick with colorful carnations and a wild flower-like arrangement in the small round vase.


I absolutely love flowers and I feel so blessed that I get to always have fresh flowers in my apartment. It is but a small joy, but a joy none the less that I am grateful for. Flowers remind me that there is still beauty in the world and that the most simple things can bring great pleasure. They inspire me to be creative, daring, and graceful.

Do you like flowers as much as I do? Let me know below where you like to put fresh flowers in your living space and don't forget to subscribe to Tea End Blog if you haven't already!


I am sipping...


Where in your living space do you like to keep fresh flowers?

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