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"The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Did you know that real ninjas don't wear black and that mini skirts were illegal in Europe in the 1960s? Neither did I until I read a fun and fashionable little book entitled, "The Hidden Facts of Factions" by Fashionary. This book was a nice light read after all of the deep self-help and divorce work-through books I've been reading LOL; who knows, perhaps you will want to make it your next read!

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Book Review: "The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary


Title: The Hidden Facts of Fashion

Page Count: 187

Author: Fashionary

Published Date: 2019

Publishing Company: Fashionary International Ltd.

Type: Hardcover

Aerial photo of "The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary on orange buffet

Extend the Life of Your Bra

Honestly, I hate bras and I believe that they are torture tools from the devil himself. Every time I can get away with not wearing one, I take the opportunity and as soon as I get home from having to wear one all day, I immediately take it off. Some times I don't even wait until I get home, I take it off in the car ride! LOL

But I think we (women) can all agree that bras, although highly uncomfortable, do have their place and since a good bra is usually not cheap, taking care of them is important. On page 169 of "The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary, there is a tip that can help women extend the life of their bras before they even purchase them.

It reads, "...It's also common for women to try on bras using the tightest back hook, but iti s best to opt for a bra that fits on the loosest back hook instead. Why? Because with time and constant wear the bra elastic will slacken, which is when it's time to starting using the second and third hook." ("The Hidden Facts of Fashion", pg. 169 para. 3-5)

Practical advice.

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The Myths & Facts of the Corset

The traditional or antiquated corset is no longer a fashion staple but waist trainers have become the 'thing' ever since a small waist and larger derriere has become the standard for female beauty. Are corsets or waist trainers dangerous and painful? The answer is found in "The Hidden Facts of Fashion", section entitled, "Facts About Intimate". I appreciated this part of the book because, honestly, I've been looking into waist trainers myself and wanted to know if they are severely uncomfortable or cause adverse health effects. Here are some fun facts that "The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary divulges on corsets:

"Only wealthy people wore corsets - FALSE

Tiny 16" waists were the norm - FALSE

Wearing a corset might kill you - TRUE

Wearing a corset is always incredibly painful - FALSE" ("The Hidden Facts of Fashion" pg. 146-7)

My Favorite Fashion Trend

"The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary talked about many fashion trends and their historical or sometimes accidental beginnings which I thought was very interesting. My favorite fashion trend is the scarf. I feel as though a nice scarf can lend such elegance and femininity to an outfit. Spring and Summer scarves are my favorite! I wrote an entire blog post on how to them! The blog post is entitled, "4 Ways You Can Tie Your Short Scarf".

Aerial photo of "The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary with flowers

Aerial photo of "The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary with flowers

"The Hidden Facts of Fashion" by Fashionary was a simple and sweet read that taught me a lot about a subject that I love: Fashion. I think that if you're looking to step away temporarily from your deep and solemn reads and into something light and fun, then