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Tea & Poetry, Darling: "Take You Back"

Good morning, Tea Sipping Bookworms! How was your week? I certainly hope it was filled with beautiful tea and reading moments. Today I am introducing a new series to the blog entitled, Tea & Poetry, Darling; poetry inspired by womanhood and my divorce (yeah, my divorce...some of the poetry is quite intense...sorry but not sorry). The clips appear on the TikTok app and then on Instagram. You can come directly to the blog to read about the inspiration behind each poem. These poetic expressions also feature new teas that you may want to sip. So, press play and have a poetic Sunday!

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"Take You Back" is definitely one of those poems I wrote as self expression about my divorce but it's also connected to womanhood and what women are expected to do after their husband or spouse is unfaithful.

This poem would seem to be directed towards my ex (who I am sure will beg me to come back once he realizes that I have concerted to move on) but I actually wrote the poem in response to what women were asking me, not in response to my ex. Soon after I started to clean up the mess that my ex left me and also as soon as I started to heal and express this to my friends and family, certain women in my circle asked me, "Well, if he comes back to his senses, will you take him back?"

Although I knew that my family and friends had good intentions, I found this question to be so offensive and demeaning. Why did people assume that taking my ex back, after all he had done and all the pain he caused me, was necessary? Did they truly understand what I had been through? Did they really think of me so valueless without him? Why should I give him another chance just because he's sorry? Shouldn't he feel sorry? Did it really make sense to take him back?

In my observation and experience, the answer was a definite "Hell no". But for some reason the answer was less clear to others. I wrote "Take You Back" to express feelings of frustration and anger over the question that, to me, minimized my ex's actions and my self-worth. The original poem had a curse word in the twelfth stanza; it read "Why Is That So F&%$ing Hard For You To Do. I don't condone cursing nor do I enjoy the practice; I actually believe that words do have meaning and should be used wisely, however, I am openly confessing this to show just how angry I was about this question, "Will you take him back?" Hopefully, once someone hears or reads this poem, they will better understand why some women are resolved to not make any further sacrifices for a man who withheld love and honor from the loving and respectful woman he was supposed to protect.


"Take You Back"

I'll Take You Back

Right After I Wipe Away My Tears

And After I Suppress All of My Fears

And I Wake Up From These Nightmares

I'll Take You Back

After I call My Best Friend

And Say, "Hey Girl, Let's Live the Pain All Over Again..."

And I Lower My Inhibition

Yeah, I'll Take You Back

You Know, Right Around the Time You Start Telling Me The Truth

I Know That's So Hard For You To Do

Why Is That So Hard For You To Do?

I'll Take You Back

When I Convince Myself That I Don't Hate You

When I Stop Telling Myself That I'm Through

And When There's Nothing Else Productive For Me To Do

Yeah, I'll Take You Back


Tea & Poetry, Darling is a series that highlights new sips and my expressions about womanhood (and my divorce LOL). If you would like to share your tea with Tea Sipping Bookworms then send me a message at!

Tea & Poetry, Darling - The Book is coming soon! Stay tuned and follow @teaendblog on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, and don't forget to subscribe to Tea End Blog if you haven't already!


Why Do You Think Women Are Expected To Take Men Back After They Are Unfaithful?

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