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Tea & Poetry, Darling: "Shut Up"

Hello, my fellow Tea Sipping Bookworms! I have another poem for you from my Tea & Poetry, Darling series. I normally share poetry on Sunday on Tik Tok, but I was distracted this past Sunday and decided to just share the poem with you today. It's a bit aggressive but not too bad (I think...LOL), but you are the one that asked for it! So here it is!

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When you go through a distressing moment, your energy is very low, at times, seemingly non existent. When my ex revealed his infidelity, lies, and deceit, I was completely heart-broken. My sadness weighed on my strength and ability to protect myself. However, I mustered up enough courage and strength, with the help of God, to defend my voice, and "Shut Up" was born.

While I was trying to make sense of all that didn't make sense, some people felt the need to express their desire for me to be quiet and to keep my feelings and expressions to my self. Others pretended to care for my well-being while trying to convince me that it was a bad idea to be transparent about all that I was going through. Still other people began to feel uncomfortable with my ownership of my new life and how I was moving forward. Although they all expressed it differently, the only thing I heard was:

"Shut up, Gabie! We are not emotionally mature enough to cope with your ability to own what happened to you and to express it to others. Shut up! We don't want you to say something that will embarrass us or reveal that we aren't who we pretend to be. Shut up! We don't want other women to find out that they too can survive such a betrayal and beautifully so. Shut up! We want you to cower and be pitiful so that no one else sees the pain that women go through and so no one empathizes with them. Shut up! All of this honesty, is making us uncomfortable. Just Shut Up, and suffer in silence like everyone else!"

What did I say to them all? Simple: "You shut up, why don't you?"


"Shut Up"

You Want Me To Shut Up, Don't You?

You Wish I Wouldn't Share

My Thoughts, My Pain, My Loss

You Want Me To Be Quiet, Don't You?

It Makes You Uncomfortable To Hear

My Expressions, My Life, My Lessons

You Want Me To Shut My Mouth, Don't You?

Just Sit And Look Pretty, Act Girly

And Wait Until You Give Me Permission

You Want Me To Shut Up, Don't You?

Well, I've Got Things To Say

And I Will Not Be Silenced

So You Shut Up

Why Don't You?




Tea & Poetry, Darling is a series that highlights new sips and my expressions about womanhood (and my divorce LOL). If you would like to share your tea with Tea Sipping Bookworms then send me a message at!

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How Do You Use Your Voice For Good?

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