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Tea & Poetry, Darling: "My Rear View"

Good morning, tea sipping bookworms and happy Sunday! It's been a few weeks since I've shared a poem with you and poetified (yes, I just made up this word...) your Sunday. So, here we are! I have a short poem today that will help you see that it is ok to glance at your past as long as your view is behind you.

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"My Rear View" is yet another poem inspired by the fading relationship of my almost 10 year marriage. In fact, Tea & Poetry, Darling and the poems that I share within are inspired by womanhood and my divorce, so, there it is. When you go through a bad breakup, the relationship, the feelings, the emotions, and the troubles seem to be right in your path making it difficult to move forward. But one day, you glance at them and they're behind you, not too far away; but far enough to where you can barely make out what they are or what they mean to you.

Thankfully, when I wrote "My Rear View" I was feeling like my marriage, my ex and all that came with these were finally behind me. I could still see him, feel him, slightly hear him, but most of what was left of our life was now fading in the far distance of my past.

I glance every now and then at my past, sometimes forcibly so after having been triggered, but I can't look for long because it is my future that I am truly focused on. It feels intensely good to have a future again.

I hope that this short poem entitled, "My Rear View" encourages you to guiltlessly glance at your past every now and then while moving forward and keeping your main focus on the future. This is what I am doing every day.


"My Rear View"

I Glance To My left, And Yeah, I Can See You

The Only Difference Is, Is That Now,

You're In My Rear View

And So So Far Away

I Can Barely Make Out Your Silhouette

Or Hear What You Say

And Such A Sad Sad Sight

Thinking Of All What Might Have Been...

But I Can't Glance For Too Long, No

It's The Road In Front Of Me Where My Eyes Belong

And These Eyes...

Did They Not Belong To You And Only You?

But Now, My Darling

You Are In My Rear View


Tea & Poetry, Darling is a series that highlights new sips and my expressions about womanhood (and my divorce LOL). If you would like to share your tea with Tea Sipping Bookworms then send me a message at!

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What is something that you are happy to leave in your past?

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