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Tea & Poetry, Darling: "In My Feelings"

Good morning, tea sipping bookworms and happy Sunday. I hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe. I have another poem for you from my Tea & Poetry, Darling collective work of poems inspired by womanhood (and my divorce). This one is called, "In My Feelings", and I hope it inspires you to keep sipping, creating, and feelin' some type of way. Enjoy!

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"In My Feelings" is a simple poem of reflection after a relationship ends. Aren't we all in our feelings after a break-up? Our feelings take on a different tune when we are the one wronged in the relationship.

I wrote "In My Feelings" on September 3, 2020 but I really couldn't tell you much about that day. It was a Thursday and I apparently was grappling with my sentiments about my ex and all that he had done. So I did what I usually do; I expressed myself in writing.

The odd thing is that when I read this poem today I cannot relate to it. "Feelings of worthlessness"? I have never truly believed that I was worthless. "I wish I had known"? Not really. I don't need to know the future to enjoy and appreciate the blessings and teachings of the present. I lived and I loved and here I am. I am exactly where and who I want to be.

This poem for me is exactly why every day I track my feelings using The Grace & Gratitude Journal*. My feelings may or may not make sense when I'm in them, but my beliefs need to be congruent with the truth. Moods are fleeting and temporary, however, if they go unrecognized then they become part of our story; a narrative that may not even make sense to us. Life should always make sense. Be in your feelings and respect them, but believe the truth.

*The Grace & Gratitude Journal; a tool to help you practice kindness and thankfulness towards yourself and others will be available soon!


"In My Feelings"


I'm All Up In My Feelin's

Feelin' Like I'm Worthless

Feelin' Like I'm Hopeless

Why Did You Leave Me So Loveless?



Thinkin' About You and All of You

And How You Made Me Feel

Feelin's So So Real

Like Love,

Like Hate,

Like Loathe,


I wish I Had Known

Man, I wish I Had Known

That I Could Feel This Way,

This Worthless, This Loveless, This Pain

Feelin' This Pain Is Like Something I Ain't Never Wanna Feel Again


I'm All Up In My Feelin's


Tea & Poetry, Darling is a series that highlights new sips and my expressions about womanhood (and my divorce LOL). If you would like to share your tea with Tea Sipping Bookworms then send me a message at!

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How do you cope with your negative feelings?

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