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"Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn

Why do women put up with what they put up with in relationships? Why do we feel responsible for our man's actions and why is it that when a man cheats, women feel the need to stick it out but if the shoe was on the other foot, we all know the man would be gone in a heartbeat? All of these questions and more are answered in the book that I am reviewing today, entitled, "Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn.

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Page Count: 192

Author: Derrick Jaxn

Published Date: 2018

Publishing Company: ---

Type: Paperback

Gabie reading "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan in her home library

Is Love Enough?

Love is simply not enough to maintain a healthy relationship. I mean, this is my experience and observation but Jaxn so happens to explain the reason why eloquently and directly in, "Don't Forget Your Crown" in chapter 23.

Love can be there, but if mutual respect and trust aren't there also, the relationship will fail. And there will be times when you don't feel as though you're in love with your spouse, if you don't also have integrity and honesty, then the relationship can be easily jeopardized.

Jaxn expounds on the topic of love through the book. In chapter 2 he speaks on unconditional love and its danger. Chapter 9 touches on the subject of self-love, something very important to have in order to sustain a healthy relationship, and last but not least, in chapter 23 Jaxn goes deeper and talks about how other traits and qualities that are absolutely fundamental in order to sustain a successful marriage or relationship.

Any book that speaks on the subject of love in so many different ways is a winner for me, because life is all about love. If you don't have love, you have nothing at all.

"Infused" by Henrietta Lovell - White Tip Silver Tea from Rare Tea Copmany

Is Singleness A Time To Do Whatever You Want?

"Does this apply to women in relationships? Sure it does, but most times, that's not quite how the story goes. In most cultures, a woman is "trained" for a relationship from a young age. She's taught how to cook and clean by a mom who sees it her duty instill those domestic qualities in her, or else a man won't want her. She's taught to be conservative with her sexuality because Dad refuses to raise a "harlot". She's inundated with how much better or validated her life will be when she gets married with every romance novel, movie, and song she listens to, then grows up to realize it takes two to tango, and the other half of this equation has been getting trained for a completely different sport., the sport of being "players". Women are taught from a very young age to prepare for a committed relationship, whereas men are shamed for even thinking of being committed to one girl." ("Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn, pg. 9 para. 3)

Jaxn speaks on men and women using their singleness to prepare for being in a relationship, especially if this is something that you will eventual want. Why spend time practicing unfaithfulness when in the end you will want to be in a committed relationship?


Men, It's Time To Update Your Programming

If you stop to think about it, societal standards for women have become less oppressive and more liberating. Women, although still facing injustices, have been allowed to reach their full potential in capability. How has this affected man and woman relationships? Well, in a patriarchal society where women had to get married for survival, men felt as though their sole worth came from providing financially, after all, a woman could not live, eat, or do anything without the financial support of a man. Men defined themselves by this standard and nothing else, also giving themselves leniency to commit egregious acts knowing that the woman would not and could not do anything about it.

Now, times have changed, thank God! Women are no longer being suppressed in this way and they are providing for themselves. They need men to step up and provide what they've always been wanting in the relationship: love and honor, respect and trust. Jaxn frequently alludes to these newly imposed expectations throughout the read.


Gabie reading "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan in her home library

Aerial photo of "Tea is for Everyone" by Chan Sin Yan with tea and flowers

"Don't Forget Your Crown" by Derrick Jaxn was a validating and motivating read? It was also refreshing to hear a man's perspective on injustices that women face concerning relationships. I think that if you're a woman you're definitely going to enjoy this book and if you're a man you can do no harm in being a little more insightful.

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What is a crazy moniker that you've heard concerning women?

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