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Chocolate Truffle | Adagio Teas

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Chocolate Truffle

translation: n/a

Type: black blend

Origin: n/a

Harvest: n/a

Caffeine: highly caffeinated

Steeping Suggestion: 212°F - 3 min.

Chocolate Truffle by Adagio Teas is truly a teacup dessert! I love how boldly tasteful this tea is; Adagio Teas never disappoints in this category! If you enjoy a well blended tea and the comforting taste of chocolate then Chocolate Truffle will not disappoint!

Chocolate Truffle is a beautiful blend of black tea, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate flavor, chicory, dark chocolate chips (my favorite ingredient, next to tea), cocoa, and blue cornflowers for visual interest.

In this post, you will discover the hue, scent, and sip of Chocolate Truffle by Adagio Teas and I will also share a little more information regarding pricing. But, before you purchase the tea, make sure to enter in the Give-Away by answering the Give-Away Question below! The most heartfelt answer will win!



THE HUE: Chocolate Truffle | Adagio Teas

Chocolate Truffle by Adagio Teas is a black tea blend giving it a deep amber hue. The heavy pigmented ingredients probably lend to the overall dark coloration of Chocolate Truffle making it quite dreamy to gaze into.

Adding a drop or two of cream lifts the hue a little but it keeps a dark caramel color adding a visual satisfaction to the tasting experience.

THE HUE: Chocolate Truffle | Adagio Teas


THE SCENT: Chocolate Truffle | Adagio Teas


Assam; Malt; Liquor; Chocolate