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Book Review: "From Scratch" by Tembi Locke

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

My friend told me that Barnes & Nobles was having a 50% off all hard cover books sale and I explained to her that I was looking for cookbooks and books on Italy. She suggested "From Scratch", a real and true love story between an African American woman from Texas and a Sicilian chef; the book has Italian recipes and life lessons that inspire love for the culinary arts and that rekindle hope for true love even in the midst of loss... just what I was looking for...

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Book Review: "From Scratch" by Tembi Locke


Title: From Scratch

Page Count: 339

Author: Tembi Locke

Published Date: 2019

Publishing Company: Simon & Schuster

Type: Hardcover

Book Review: "From Scratch" by Tembi Locke


I have never given up 100% on true love but I'm not going to lie, after my divorce, I did look at romance and love differently. Such a negative experience left me wondering if it really did exist or was it just a delusion that people create.

"From Scratch" absolutely restored my faith in true love. It helps that the love story is an actual story that really happened! The way that Tembi Locke describes the love between her and Saro, helped me to see that true love is simple, honest, and natural. Love that isn't forced and that feels safe. I can believe in a love like that.

Book Review: "From Scratch" by Tembi Locke


Before reading "From Scratch", I already had a fantasized love affair with Italy and Italian cuisine. After reading this lovely book, not only do I have a better appreciation for the cultural differences and culinary rituals in this region, but my desire to see it all for myself has been even more so romanticized. I can't wait to book my flight and see the beauty that Tembi Locke describes so eloquently on every page! And if I don't find a true love that lasts a lifetime like she did, I'm sure Sicily would be suitable match.




Book Review: "From Scratch" by Tembi Locke

Netflix Special Coming Soon! You cannot watch a movie based on a book, unless you have read the book already. We all know that this is an unwritten (but strictly enforced) tea sipping bookworm law. I'm sure it's in the U.S. Constitution somewhere. You need to hurry and purchase your copy of "From Scratch" and read it quick because on October 21, 2022, "From Scratch" will premiere as a Netflix Series! I am so excited, and I can't wait to see the main character actors, Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea portray this beautiful love story!

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Are you excited about the Netflix Series?

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