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Boho-Eclectic Apartment Reveal: My Patio

Hey tea sipping bookworms, I'm sharing another part of my Boho-eclectic apartment décor today: the patio. I thought it would be a good idea to share this space now before it gets too cold for me to go out on the patio (I absolutely hate being cold) and before the pumpkin/fall décor really no longer makes sense (Texas autumns barely make sense...LOL)

The theme for my patio was simply "lounge". I wanted a space where I could put my tea pot, wine glass, and feet up. And even though my patio isn't a large space, I still wanted to be able to utilize it as an entertaining space because it flows nicely off of my living room/reading nook area. Tap "play" to watch me show you around and scroll down for more photos and details of where I purchased the items.

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All of the patio pieces that I had at my house, I brought to my apartment. But when I put them out, I realized that I needed something fresher and less visually 'busy'. So, I sold all the chairs, the bench and side tables and I purchased one main sitting piece (a lounge sofa), a table, a rug and some outdoor throw pillows. Now, I think it looks less cluttered and much more intentional.




I spend a lot of time on my patio enjoying the sun, the breeze, or the cooler morning temperatures that autumn brings. I also have found it very therapeutic during the quarantine when venturing out isn't the safest decision. I enjoy music, tea, wine, online events such as the Verzuz battles on my patio and at night when I turn on the lights it is a whole mood. I can't wait until I can safely have my family and friends all over again so we can enjoy the patio together.

If you noticed something on the patio that I didn't reference then message me and I'll let you know where I got it!


Do you like to relax on your patio?

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