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Boho-Eclectic Apartment Reveal: My Bedroom

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

It's finally here, tea sipping bookworms! I'm revealing my boho-eclectic apartment decoration and I'm starting with my bedroom. Most of the rooms in my apartment have a dark, moody, but colorful vibe whereas in my bedroom I decided to go with a light, enchanted, and playful vibe to favor a good working and relaxing environment (I work a lot from my room and obviously, I also sleep in my bedroom) .

The theme for my bedroom is: Pic-nic in the Park. I introduced botanicals, plants, wicker baskets, and mostly neutrals to create a feeling of being in a lovely wooded park on a pic-nic. I still wanted my bedroom to coincide with the rest of my apartment so I added black accents and black velvet to ground the entire feel. Press play to watch me take you through my entire bedroom and check out the photos below to see where I've purchased some of the pieces in my space.

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I wanted to create a pic-nic in the park vibe so I used botanicals, wood, wicker, and neutrals to resemble what one would find in the natural landscape of a manicured park. If you have ever been on a pic-nic with me, then you know that my pic-nic game is on 100 LOL and I bring luxe baskets, blankets, and the sorts to enhance the entire experience, so black velvet added to my bedroom is a perfect representation of my normal pic-nic vibes.

Violet is my favorite; any shade of purple makes me happy though, so I chose the shade of purple found in 2 tube pillows that I have sitting on my bed as a theme color. It is the only color in my bedroom besides the various hues that appear in my rug.



I believe that every room has an important piece of furniture that must be functional but also well decorated in order to pull the room together. The bed is that important piece of furniture for a bedroom. I needed my bed to look complete and well designed, so I began searching the internet for a coordination that I could customize to my preferences. I found a picture that I shared on Instagram, you can check out the inspiration and my rendition as well as all the details about pricing below.







My bedroom decor reminds me to take it easy sometimes and perhaps visit a local park every now and then. There are so many pieces in my room that I didn't share the details to, such as the rug, the furniture, and smaller decorative items. If there is anything in the bedroom that appeals to you, then just comment below, DM me, or send me a message and I'll respond to you with the purchase details!


What Design Feature Do You Like Best About My Bedroom?

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