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6 Really Good Books That Are Helping Me Get Through My Divorce

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

2020 seemed like a hopeful year, did it not? I am sure you had your vacations and special moments planned and ready to execute! As for me, I thought that I would be traveling and studying the world's cultures through the lenses of tea. I imagined that I would be well advanced in writing my book about these very topics and on a more personal note, I also thought that I would be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary. Well, COVID-19 isn't the only culprit to 2020's set-backs; Not only have my travel plans to China and to the World Tea Expo been cancelled, but I am not celebrating my marriage at, I am getting a divorce, and although it has to be one of the worst things that I have experienced, books have been helping me cope (as they always do)!

Tap play to see me share 6 books that I have been reading to help me cope with the trauma of separation and divorce. And hey! If you're not getting a divorce, I promise you that the books are still great reads; just tap play and you'll see...

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4 books that Gabie is currently reading: "Washington's God" | "One Million Followers" | "Digital Minimalism" | "Born A Crime"


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I divorced my first husband 20 years ago, and found real love again without looking with my current husband. While at the time of my separation and divorce, I just reevaluated who and whom I was as an always strong woman that my first husband tried to suppress and delved into what I wanted for myself. I reaffirmed my Queen status as a strong, intelligent woman and my motto became, I am woman hear me roar. My current soulmate and husband said he saw that quality in me of a strong woman and that is what attracted him to me. My personal experience advice is to reevaluate who and whom you are as a strong woman. Enjoy you. Praise you.…

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