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Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging!

Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging with My Home Office Reveal

Instagram post on 29 August 2019

Dallas, TX

With every year that passes, I am amazed at how much I still enjoy blogging about books and tea and my sipping and reading experiences and it just seems to get better and more intentional every year!

So, here it goes again! I am celebrating 5 years of blogging and I want to take this time to share my accomplishments as well as my learned lessons. I also want to talk about my aspirations for 2020 and the changes that are taking place on the blog this year. To conclude this celebration, I share my Mantra for 2020!

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Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging with My Home Office Reveal

Instagram post on 7 September 2019

Dallas, TX

Mantra 2019 - "Fear Not. Do Good"

Well, how did I do with my Mantra for 2019? I think I did ok. I definitely could have taken more risks in 2019 but if I am honest with myself, I did accomplish most of the goals that I had created for 2019. This year I am planning to do more good things and take more risks for the blog, so stay tuned!

2019 Goal #1 - Blogger Turned Author

I decided on a subject and a title for my book. The subject is tea, of course, and the title is yet to be revealed, so stay tuned! I also created an action plan for obtaining information via travel and my very first travel location is Yunnan, China. I plan to visit in April, however, because of the Coranavirus, my plans are suspended until further updates from the CDC.

2019 Goal #2 - Sipping with Purpose

I sipped more Chinese teas in 2019 than ever before and I also sipped and shared my views on some teas suggested by you!


Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging with My Home Office Reveal

Lucky Dog Bookstore

Dallas, TX

2019 Goal #3 - Sharing Healthy Teas & Self-help Books

Although I did share quite a few self-help books such as "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport and "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, I didn't share as many healthy teas as I initially wanted to at the beginning of the year. My focus shifted towards Chinese teas in preparation for my tea travels in regards to my book. Who knows, perhaps this year I can share the healthy teas that I sip in a quick communication like an Instastory or my monthly Newsletter.

Aerial image of Jin Kong Que tea in a tea cup with purple flowers hovering

Instagram post on 9 May 2019

Tea Review: Jin Kong Que



Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging with My Home Office Reveal

Instagram post on 3 October 2019


Writing My Book

I intend to continue writing my book on tea and work towards its completion even if it still feels like headway is yet to be made. This is a huge undertaking and although I am, at times, overwhelmed by the responsibilities and obligations of writing I am also up for the challenge and excited to see it transform before my eyes.

Tea Travels

I am excited that 2020 is the year of travel! Most of my intended travels this year are centered on tea rather than books, but no matter where I go there's always a bookstore and library that I could visit. This year I plan to travel to Denver, Colorado for The World Tea Expo. If all goes well, I will be attending as a Tea Guru. If matters are cleared up in China regarding the Coronavirus then I will concretize my April travel plans to Yunnan, China, to obtain information for my book.

The Tea Experience

Up until this year, I experienced tea the way I wanted to and showed little concern for the traditions and rituals that have existed for centuries. I did this purposefully, as I really wanted to make my tea experience my own and not feel obligated towards any particular way to sip my tea. Now that I am writing my book on tea, I need to see tea through others' eyes and experiences. On the blog, you will see the effects of this new perspective.

Celebrating 4 Years of Blogging!

Instagram post on 10 October 2019




Gabie from Tea End Blog reaching  for magazines while standing in front of her home library

Home library

Dallas, TX

Series Updates

- Tea Reviews: focus on Chinese loose-leaf teas

- Book Reviews: only reviewing books on tea

- Inspirations & Adventures: mostly remaining the same; Tea Critique Tea Shop Reviews will have an updated rating system

New Website

I am giving Tea End Blog a modern and fresh face-lift and I can't wait until you see the new and improved website!

Aerial view of Greek Mountain tea with pink flowers hovering

Instagram post on 24 October 2019

Tea Review: Greek Mountain Tea

Social Media

In 2019, I did a serial post called "Tea End Blog Inspo" where I shared encouraging words and motivational messages. This year I'm still remaining positive but I have created a new serial post called, "Tea Terminology"; a post that reveals the meaning of various tea verbiage.

Gabie's hand holding up "Infused - Adventures in Tea" by Henrietta Lovell

Instagram post on 7 November 2019

Book Review: "Infused - Adventures in Tea" by Henrietta Lovell

New Newsletter

First off, if you are not yet subscribed to Tea End Blog then you need to subscribe now because you will want to receive my new and improved monthly newsletter. No more am I simply sharing a recap of blog posts each month, instead I will share non-tea related books that I have recently purchased or read, my opinions on teas that you suggest, what is to come on the blog, tea and book coupons and upcoming tea and book events. The newsletter will be much more practical; you won't want to miss it!

Gabie from Tea End Blog sitting in a local Chinese bakery holding a cup of Ginseng Honey Tea

Instagram post on 16 January 2020


Tea End Blog Mantra for 2020 - 'Create Joyfully"

Whew. There's a lot going on this year! However, I am excited to see how much I can accomplish, learn, and experience in 2020 and I am ecstatic to have a place to share it all with you! So, my Mantra for 2020 is "Create Joyfully"; I want to continue to work hard but also make sure that I am having all sorts of fun! Do you think we can accomplish this together? 2020, here we come!

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What are your tea and book goals for 2020?

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