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Sharing All of My Tea Books!

So, I made this tea book list in December of 2019 and realized that not only did I leave off some of my tea books, but I also absolutely hate the graphic that I created. My perfectionism is at work here, please excuse me…

I wanted to redo this post to accurately reflect all my beautiful tea books and to also make it possible for me to add to the list in the future as I am always purchasing new books on tea. I’ve simplified this post in a major way by just creating a collage of all my tea books. You can tap on the image to be taken to the Amazon page where you can learn more about the book. As I read the books and perform Book Reviews on them, I will place their Book Review links below. I hope my list inspires you to read more about tea! 

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"Teaspiration" by Lu Ann Pannunzio | "Healing Herbal Teas" by Sarah Farr | “Infused” by Henrietta Lovell | “Tea is for Everyone” by Chan Sin Yan

What tea books do you own?

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