Tea Review | Subscriber's Edition: Ashley Johnson

I know some of you are afraid to venture out and try new teas, after all, tea can be expensive and what if you don’t even like the tea that you purchased? I get it, and therefore I have decided to create a new segment of Tea Reviews called Tea Review: Subscriber’s Edition. Now you can suggest tea that you would like for me to try in your behalf including any questions or concerns you may have; I will choose a few of you a month to perform specialized Tea Reviews just for you! Today, I am reviewing 3 teas from Golden Moon Tea suggested by Ashley Johnson, a Tea End Blog YouTube subscriber. Hey Ashley, I hope this helps!

Click play to see my honest review of Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut Pouchong, and French Breakfast by Golden Moon. Be sure to also subscribe to be automatically entered to win FREE tea/books/stuff during Tea End Blog Give-Aways. Already subscribed? Tell a friend!



THE HUE: White Rose Tea | K&G Blended

Madagascar Vanilla by Golden Moon is a black tea that takes on a deep amber hue. I'm always using this term to describe black teas because, although they vary in intensity, they seem to all exude a dark caramel-like hue resembling amber. You can see the variation in black tea hues by comparing Madagascar Vanilla with French Breakfast.

Coconut Pouchong by Golden Moon is a tea that rests somewhere in the the middle of a green tea and an oolong. Its bright green hue may leave you daydreaming about your past sipping experiences with sencha. I love lively green teas, they are so much fun!

French Breakfast by Golden Moon is a black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and embodies the hue of any black breakfast tea. Taking on a darker amber hue, French Vanilla is grounding and solid in color. Again, you can take a moment to compare it with Madagascar Vanilla in the photo above to see the variation in amber-like hues of black teas.



THE SCENT: Himalaya Mist Darjeeling | Dobrá Tea