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Date Visited: 29 March 2019

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Wednesday through Friday 12-6 pm

Saturday 10-4 pm

(214) 774-3484

- Tea Suggestions -

Peace: an aptly named and gently aromatic medley of kava kava, chamomile, gotu kola, roses, lavender, lemongrass, licorice root and vanilla bean. A wonderful blend for anxiety or to offset a stressful day.

The Wake Up Call: yerba mate, ginseng, cinnamon, cloves, anise, and peppermint are a perky alternative to coffee, with less than half the caffeine of your average Joe.



Need Reservation? No

Neighborhood Type: Urban/City

Parking: Scarce; space is located in downtown Portland. Parking meters in effect from Mon-Sat from 9 AM to 6 PM. Parking meters are free on Sundays and major holidays. Parking Meter rate as of 04/04/2019: 1.50 USD



  • Aromatic & Warm

  • Calming/Sufficient Lighting

  • Greeted/Welcomed Promptly

  • Happy/Hippy/Earthy Vibe

  • Hard to know where to start but obvious to know where to go for help/to order tea